Black Light Miniature Golf – Oceans 18 – Closing

The American Tin Cannery was better in the 80s, before there was any fish prison across the street. Mr Z, Ardans and others made it a first choice to shop before going to Del Monte Center.

Mini Golf Oceans18


“It doesn’t make a profit,” owner Jonathan Johnson said bluntly. He had two part-time employees.

Oceans 18 opened in 2007. Johnson said he first decided to pack up shop a few years ago but the building’s owners, Cannery Row Co., offered to lower the rent, so he gave it a go for a while.

There are more than a dozen empty stores at the cannery. Around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, fewer than 70 people were shopping or eating despite 22 businesses, such as DB Shoes, Pendleton, Van Heusen and Candy World. A majority were eating at First Awakenings restaurant.

Black Light Miniature Golf – Oceans 18 – Closing

Come Heres Con P.G. Out Of Bench. Been Heres Get It Back

The whole dedicate a bench program is a big mistake, at least it should require proof of residency.


What a PG memorial bench looks like. Not the bench in the article.

According to the Rosings, in 2001 when they asked about taking ownership of the bench, they were told there was a long waiting list. But they badly wanted the bench that held such significance for them.

It was the Rosings’ understanding that the previous owner, Johns, had not kept up with the maintenance fees, that her contact number was no longer working and the city was ready to offer it to the next person on the list.

They recounted their story to the person behind the desk of how Gary proposed to Kathleen. They pleaded their case and the city official agreed to sell them the bench.

Johns had died just two days before the Rosings discovered the bench no longer carried their names and wedding date on the back.

As Johns’ trustees, the Parsonses said they were billed and paid $1,050 in back fees for the bench. They also said they have a canceled check from October 2001 for $450 paid to the city of Pacific Grove.

When they received another maintenance fee bill in 2014 they requested the bench be refurbished and the names on the back removed.

Come Heres Con P.G. Out Of Bench Been Heres Get It Back

P.G. Schools Welcome Google Overlords

Cloud based laptops can be monitored by Google, better to shape your children’s

And well, half a million bucks for 1200 laptops. OK, that’s $400 a piece. THEN SIX TIMES THAT FOR OVERHEAD? $3,000,000 to secure the things. What else could skools get for 3.5 million?

It’s only been two weeks since all third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at the Pacific Grove Unified School District received their Chromebook laptops, but students and teachers say they can see the difference.

“Before, we were only getting an hour a week (of computer time) in the lab,” Valdez said. Now, the laptops are locked up in a special cabinet in the classroom, ready to be used when Valdez needs them for instruction. And for the California Standards Test, which students are scheduled to take soon.

Pacific Grove Unified administrators rolled out 1,200 Chromebooks during the spring break, just in time for the state testing.

It is the first major purchase the district has made with proceeds from Measure A funds, an $18 million bond approved in November. The Chromebooks cost about $500,000 and about $3 million was spent on cabinets, wiring, security cameras and other technical support.

P.G. Schools Welcome Google Overlords

Moe Wants Pacific Grove Revenue Producing Entities

Says the man who spends his revenue on German cars.

Moe Dont Buy American

“If you get a retailer or a restaurant or you’ve got a revenue producing entity, the city really needs the revenue,” Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar.

Ammar said what this city doesn’t need more of is benefit shops. Right now the city has 13 of them including nonprofits, thrift shops and consignment stores. Ammar said those shops only pay sales tax and their business license tax is limited to only $15 a year. With that said, a prime location has just opened up on Lighthouse Avenue and with it, an opportunity. After 50 years of being in business, Trotter’s Antiques has officially shut its doors.

Moe Wants Pacific Grove Revenue Producing Entities

Unwelcome Downtown Businesses

Moe hates the resale shops that proliferate the city. As the town struggles to attract businesses to downtown, there is a moratorium of certain types of commerce.

Art galleries that are open maybe 14 hours a week are welcome. All the rest of you stay in New Monterey:

The Community Development Department received a letter from the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce (Attachment 3) requesting a moratorium on the allowance of future benefit/consignment and resale shops. This is but one example of incompatible (but currently allowed) uses allowed in the Commercial Downtown (C-D) Zoning District

    • Pawn Shops
    • Electronic Cigarette (Vapor/Vape) Shops
    • Check Cashing Stores
    • Bail Bonds
    • Storefront Churches (religious assembly)
    • Gold and Silver Exchange Stores
    • Auction Houses (existing may remain)
    • Automobile Rental
    • Recreational Vehicle Sales (including boats)
    • Tire Sales and Repair
    • Blood, Plasma Sale Centers
    • Kennels or Pet Boarding (when not associated with an animal hospital)
    • Body Piercing and Tattoo Shops (on Ground Floor, only)

Unwelcome Downtown Businesses

Juan The Builder Measured Twice, Cut Costs Illegally

Business comes crashing down just like his work at 419 Congress.Juan The Builder Sunk It

Normal contractor crimes of license and workers comp fraud. Amazing that more are not caught.

The District Attorney’s office said it received a complaint in 2012, stating Rosas’ business, Juan the Builder and Associated, Inc., was operating without a valid license and without workers’ compensation insurance for his employees.

During a joint investigation, fraud investigators said they worked with the Contractor State License Board and found Rosas had been been fraudulently reporting a minimum payroll to the State Compensation Insurance Fund from March 2007 to September 2012.

Juan The Builder Measured Twice, Cut Costs Illegally

NOAA ‘Art’ Might Soon Be Gone


Painted by renowned artist Ray Troll, the artwork, titled “Green Seas, Blue Seas,” tells the story of Monterey Bay’s marine life in striking colors and designs. NOAA has been vacating the building over the last few months because of budget constraints, and the building could end up on the open market.

The murals were created in 2007, with a price tag to taxpayers of $120,000. They show how changing ocean temperatures affect local marine life, depicting gulls, whales, fish, sharks, turtles and more.

With all the fuss over dunes restoration we got this streak of blue to ruin it.NOAA Murals

NOAA ‘Art’ Might Soon Be Gone

Gulls Speak Up

Found posted in various places downtown.

“Because your human numbers have swollen to more than 7 billion, and you’ve trashed  our homes along the ocean, we settled on buildings like those of Pacific Grove, high above the night time dangers. Now you’re sending falcons and owls after us, so we’re stressed and in terror every moment of the day and night.”

Open Letter From Seagulls

Gulls Speak Up

That On Star Will Hang You

Stuart Elder’s Cadillac provided data that we was flying.

The victims, Linda LaRone, 65, and Sharon Daly, 72, were former owners of a popular Pacific Grove pet shop that Elder remembered visiting as a child, he said prior to sentencing.

His blood-alcohol level was .17 — more than twice the legal limit — and he had been driving three times the 25-mph speed limit along Sloat Road in the Del Monte Forest when the crash occurred. Investigators were aided in reconstructing the crash with electronic data from Elder’s Cadillac Escalade.

That On Star Will Hang You