Letters From The Editor: Moe Loves These People

Thank you Monterey Herald (March 27), Monterey County Weekly, Cedar Street Times, Carmel Pine Cone and KSBW television for endorsing Measure X, that will change zoning at the American Tin Cannery to allow a hotel at the site.

Thank you Mayor Bill Kampe, former mayors Carmelita Garcia and Jeanne Byrne, former councilman Alan Cohen, former school board member Beth Shammas and retired teacher Jean Anton for signing the argument in favor of Measure X in the voter guide. Others that signed the argument in favor, include civic leader Richard Stillwell, First Awakenings owner Craig Bell, and general manager of Asilomar Conference Grounds, Mairead Hennessy. Opposition to the argument was signed by only two residents.

— Moe Ammar, Pacific Grove

Letters From The Editor: Moe Loves These People

P.G. Art Center Looking For Money Making Ideas

Looking at the hours of operation, one might suggest being open more than just 24 hours in a week?

Art Center Hours

At an emergency board meeting Monday, all seven members of the center’s board who were in attendance agreed on some new approaches to keep the 47-year-old center viable and the community engaged with its economic health.

“We sat down and made some real action plans. The board was just 100 percent on board and confident to march into the future.”

Specifically, Brown said, plans were laid out to display the center’s art in other venues and to have more musical and performance programs. Improvements to the center’s entrance and a new logo are also in the works.

P.G. Art Center Looking For Money Making Ideas

Something Stinks At ATC

And it’s not kelp baking in the sun at low tide or squid drying on the shore like it was years ago.


It looks like there were lessons learned after the failure to turn Holman’s into some kind of “World Class” transient stay place.

A group dubbed the Committee Against Measure X sponsored by Unite Here, Local 483, sent out fliers over the weekend to Pacific Grove voters declaring “Measure X is wrong” and asking voters to reconsider the measure because it allows a developer to avoid the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Woah, when the group that stands to gain power and money by making promises to a few hundred low wage hotel workers it against it there must be something under the covers going on.

The voters’ guide was mailed out, I like the bait this project is trying to use to hook y’all:

Recognition of Pacific Grove as a world-class destination and an innovative leader in conservation and sustainability

More like “How did this cute little town allow this to built?

Banquet, meeting, and reception rooms that will enable Pacific Grove to host large and small events, keeping that business in Pacific Grove

Look at the next line and tell me, who from P.G would use this place?

New luxury travelers who will patronize Pacific Grove restaurants, shops, and other businesses

The type of people that stay there will make the choice of Cannery Row or Carmel, not P.G.

State-of-the-art design, construction, and operational programs and technologies, as one of the world’s most sustainable hotels, that will save and recycle significant amounts of water and energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases

Ha! I knew someone would throw in the Substainable word once, but TWICE?

An ideal location at the edge of town that will help mitigate traffic impacts and provide additional needed parking for the City, resulting in reduced downtown congestion

Never mind that slow and getting slower traffic jam on Lighthouse Avenue to the tunnel.

A visitor and interpretive center and museum that will celebrate Pacific Grove’s extraordinary culture, its heritage and historic character, and its unequalled scenic beauty

A tribute to the scenery that will never come back

New revenues from transient occupancy taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes to support our library, police, fire department, parks, and other City services and operations

New opportunities for thieves.

Three hundred permanent high quality hotel jobs for workers of all skill and education levels, many of whom will be residents of Pacific Grove, plus hundreds of high quality construction phase jobs, many of which will benefit Pacific Grove businesses and residents

Most of the workers at hotels in PG cannot afford to live there. See the part about the traffic to and from PG.

At first it kind of appealed to me, keep the touristas at the border of town, pray that they stay on the ‘row and don’t bother me. But the thing is now sounding like the city whoring itself out to get a few bucks. Vote NO on Measure X.

Something Stinks At ATC

Union Against Hotel

Not even built yet and getting their name in there. Does CEQA relate to the NLRB or AFL-CIO?

483 Secretary Wages

A group dubbed the Committee Against Measure X sponsored by Unite Here, Local 483, sent out fliers over the weekend to Pacific Grove voters declaring “Measure X is wrong” and asking voters to reconsider the measure because it allows a developer to avoid the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Union Against Hotel

One Way Lighthouse Avenue?

The idea that wont die. Thanks tourists.

Lighthouse Ave Traffic

Monterey plans to make changes on Lighthouse Avenue both in the long term and the short term, and it could result in the artery becoming a one-way street.

The Lighthouse Destination Plan shows Lighthouse Avenue becoming a one way street heading toward downtown Monterey, and expanding Foam Street to three lanes heading one way toward Pacific Grove.

The avenue has grown more congested with a growing hospitality industry and with the closures of roads on the Presidio to the public following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Deal said in addition to making Lighthouse a one-way street other options are being explored. The city is talking about keeping the lane changes likely to happen this spring, with three lanes heading into downtown Monterey and one lane headed into Pacific Grove, and it is looking at making Hawthorn a one-way to give people another way to travel.

One Way Lighthouse Avenue?

Short Term Rentals A Burglar’s Delight

Do all Airbnb customers rifle through your mail other personal items? Or just burglars pretending to be looking for place to stay?

The thief had walked up to the house and rang the doorbell at 6 p.m. Tuesday, police said. When no one answered the door, she began snatching mail from a mailbox.

The woman was surprised when the homeowner’s voice came through an intercom.

“Can I help you?” the homeowner asked to make the woman realize she was being watched.

“Oh! I’m sorry I think I have the wrong address. Is this a Airbnb place?” the thief replied.

Short Term Rentals A Burglar’s Delight

That’s Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

Mysterious oily substance on beach surrounded by restaurants eh?

Capt Calamari

Cleanup has begun at McAbee Beach in Monterey after an oily substance was found in the sand in February. Crews were removing contaminated sediment Tuesday from the area near Cannery Row where they discovered the petroleum substance, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

The substance is leaking from the foundation of an old building on the beach, but the source of the substance is still unknown.

That’s Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

Family Tradition

Needed money for pimple cream.

Jeffery Rutt

Carmel Pine Cone Image

Jeffery Rutt – the Pacific Grove resident arrested after leading deputies on a car chase two months ago when he was caught breaking into cars — has already pleaded guilty to multiple crimes and sentenced to three years in prison.

Although they live in the same P.G. home and share a last name, it’s unknown how Jeffrey Rutt is related to Jason Rutt, who was arrested for burglary in 2014 and drug offenses in 2012, when he was already on probation for an earlier offense. In the 2014 case, Jason Rutt, then 29, trashed a home on Sage Court while spending all day inside, making himself at home, rifling through the owner’s
possessions and stealing luggage and jewelry. “The house was basically ransacked, and food was eaten. He was probably there all day,” thenPGPD Cmdr. Cassie McSorley said at the time.

Family Tradition