Pacific Grove Restaurant Fails – 2013 Yelp Comments

Pacific Thai Cuisine
approached a different employee about the order and was promptly taken to the food that had been sitting there and told that this was my order. Informing her that I had noticed the food earlier and had been waiting, she touched and responded, “ehh, its still warm, that will be $31.”

How can you be out of Cilantro at 4:30 pm? (maybe all the red zones were occupied and the produce truck didn’t stop there that day)

too sweet. It’s almost like they are trying to hide something with all the sugar.

check water closets and make sure drains are working.

Awful food. All dishes are super sweet and Americanized

All the chicken was super dry, like it had been cooked previously and then re-cooked again.

tasted okay…until I was chewing egg and it was super crunchy. I was eating eggshells!!

Michael’s Grill & Taqueria
Very dissatisfied, the beer was good

can’t get any more gringo than this. Bland and boring white-people food.

If they can leave the tables out here dirty, what about their kitchen?!

have you been there lately? We went in last week and found that someone had replaced the great staff and food with crap. What happened?

If anyone asks though, I get their takeout for the sturdy paper bags.

AND – if you have to go to the restroom, I’d recommend a port-o-potty over the nasty little restroom they have in the restaurant.

the dish looked like something from the movie Cool Hand Luke

Just take us for what it is: gorgeous scenery, laid-back ‘tude, expensive food . . .no view; so, just eat and be done with it.

she huffed and puffed, ‘we close at 9 she said’ and then proceeded to tell me ‘she’s got kids at home’ and stormed off.

so bad, I know why the waiter didn’t ask us “how our meal was” guy.

To finish the night, the bus boy flicked some mash on my daughter as he cleared the table.

Also, the tables are packed in.. We had to hear all the intimate details of someone’s sex life. Yuck!

Old school! no buzzers no text just wait hours and maybe we will give you a spot while you wait in our small entrance area with no bar or chairs..

“Sausage and Shrimp” didn’t have any sausage. I was done eating by the time her replacement came.

The way she acted, I thought we must look frightful after our day of strolling the quaint streets; maybe we should have gone back to the hotel for our finery. As she took us to a table way in the back past many empty tables, I noticed she was wearing jeans

working hard apparently on serving agriculture and proteins of sustainability. I personally find it unacceptable to have to throw away a plate of food and an animal due to poor food preparation

The wine and bread were really the only good things about this restaurant.

RUDE! From the second the older woman at the front saw us walk in with 3 young kids, she immediately asked if we had reservations, No, she sies & just stairs at us like how dare we. Mind you this was at 5 on a Sunday night,

But afterward, all six of us agreed — glad we got to try it, but we won’t go back.

How bout just some nice, fresh, local fish prepared simply? Why do we have to have fish with scent of oxtail? We also brought our own wine. When we asked if they wave the corkage if we buy a bottle our waitress literally said “no, because we’re saving the tuna”. WTF.

when I tried to send you an email with feedback on these issues I was kicked back on your site with a spam notice!

On January 21, the only fish on the menu was caught east of the Mississippi. With the most incredible fishery in the world (Monterey Bay), catfish is your special?

if I make a reservation and am told on the phone not to show up to late , I don’t expect to arrive on time and hear ” I’ll try to seat you when I can ” I’m not saying I need free dessert again… But am Saying I dont want to be greeted that way before I sit down for a pretty pricey meal.

Iil vecchio
the owner wants each seat to be occupied”, and we would need 4 people to get a booth. Ok, fine…. If that’s your policy… But I noticed later that 2 booths only had 3 people

We ordered an appetizer platter that he brought out himself. All was well and we said ‘thank you,’ expecting him to be on his way but he proceeded to stand at the table for a considerable amount of time, interrupting our conversation and pointing out each item on the plate with a trembling finger and I swear to you he touched each item as he spoke! I

I may never date again but at least I know where to go to be in food ecstasy.

I didn’t want to look like a pig and be like “excuse me, a little more please” so I took it and left hungry as I felt under served on both portions

What is up with all these great reviews???? Oh, I get it, they haven’t met the owner! this random man with a wine glass walks over to our table and asks us if he can try our wine. Who was this guy? No introduction or anything. I actually thought he was a guest of the restaurant and thought to myself this is weird but sure, why not, I’ll give you a taste. HE then pours HIMSELF some wine and stands there swirling the wine around in his mouth and then tells us there was nothing wrong with the bottle of wine WE sent back

Then as we left, another gentleman at the door also challenged my assessment. Really??? A bad mussel can happen. Bad attitudes will keep me from returning.

a tall older gentleman, that I assume is the owner, came to our table and rushed us out which put a bad note on the entire evening because he was very obvious and it felt like….well, I’ve got your money now go so I can get money from someone else

I might try this place again but not until I put a stick up my ass so I fit in with the rest of the crowd

asked if we could have a regular menu. They said that they only had the family menu which was a 5 course meal, no drinks, dessert or bread included for $15. Five minutes later they were seating people on the other side and gave them menus.

Some of the assorted menu items were sitting out in exposed areas which attracts insects and lets things settle on them.

The owner guy came over and inquired about our lamb. My friend explained sheepishly what we thought. He said, well, our lamb is cooked for six hours, like it was an honor. We said, we cook lamb all the time and it doesn’t taste like that. He asked why we didn’t turn it back. We said our waiter was never around.

we were told it would be an hour. Then we tried to sit at the bar and were told it was only for reservations. I have never sat at a bar that required reservations.

The host asked if he could clear the table – sure. Then, before my family gets back, he brings another party back into the room so he and they can hover over our table. We were not slow, and it was really awkward and ruined the experience. Plus the other party was older, affluent, and obnoxious

Petra Restaurant
And the location of the bathroom is terrible. I could hear a little girl throwing up in the bathroom across from where I was sitting down

First Awakenings
Nothing good ole A-1 couldn’t fix.

shrimp tasted like frozen shrimp and the benedict was bland. We also ordered blueberry pancake, it was dry and not enough blueberries……. the worst part was it did gave me an upset stomach=(

I ordered the eggs benedict, not that hard to mess up, but they succeeded. I got a bowl of hollandaise sauce & oily eggs,

served in a bowl that was half full of water/grease with blobs of melted chese on top.

I poked the middle of them, expecting the delicious yolk to spill out, as good poached eggs do, but instead was met with what was basically a differently shaped hard-boiled egg.

Whoa this place was like 50% children patrons, with a surprising ratio of cranky, hungry children to permissive parents.

This place should be called Long A-wait-kenings.

There are tons of flies and a bird stuck inside to walk and poop on the tables when customers are not around.

hidden inside what looked like a run down outlet mall. We asked them about the spray bottles on the tables. A server said it was to spray other guests, but it’s really for the birds

Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

or “Why is there so much bird poo on the city?”
White highlights on brown wall (PG Juice & Java)
Poopy Wall 080720 Juice J
Gulls and pigeons. Crows. Rats. Raccoons. Scavengers finding a free lunch and using Pacific Grove as a toilet. When will the merchants show that they care about P.G. more than for the money they rake in? If this is how they take care of their trash, how clean do you think the kitchens are? Are the food storage containers covered? Is the floor clean?

Pictures are totally unrehearsed. Examples are exactly as they were found. No laws were broken obtaining the pictures.

Passionfish – Overflowing trash & grease on the sidewalk:
Dumpster Passionfish 080311

American Tin Cannery.
Dumpster Atc 080714

Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720b

Lighthouse Cinema – Rats at work on the popcorn.
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720c

Dumpster Fandango 080622

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720a

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720

Hollys Cafe
Dumpster Hollys Cafe 080622

Dumpster behind Holmans.
Dumpster Holmans 080720

Dumpster behind Holmans – open to the air & contains garbage.
Dumpster Holmans 080720b

Juice & Java (the place where the walls are being streaked)
Dumpster Juice Java 080720

Pacific Thai – trash outside of the dumpster cubby
Pacific Thai

Pacific Thai – grease on the sidewalk
Pacific Thai Greasy Sidewalk

Pacific Grove Plaza
Dumpster PG Plaza 080720

Seabreeze Motel (2nd time . .)
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 080622

Dumpster Zocalo 080720

Garbage uncovered at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720c

Grease spills at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720 grease

Dumpster Lattitudes 080721

Rons Liquor doesn’t even have a dumpster – the sidewalk is his trash can.
Rons Liquor Trash 080720

Small Update – A citizen turned this matter over the Monterey County Health department, who said that in the week of the 7th the businesses will be visited. Did it happen? If it did, it made little difference.

American Tin Cannery (for the commenter below that dismissed the original photo)

Fandangos did close the lid, but the gulls take advantage of sloppy housekeeping.
Dumpster Fandango 081008

Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce