Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

or “Why is there so much bird poo on the city?”
White highlights on brown wall (PG Juice & Java)
Poopy Wall 080720 Juice J
Gulls and pigeons. Crows. Rats. Raccoons. Scavengers finding a free lunch and using Pacific Grove as a toilet. When will the merchants show that they care about P.G. more than for the money they rake in? If this is how they take care of their trash, how clean do you think the kitchens are? Are the food storage containers covered? Is the floor clean?

Pictures are totally unrehearsed. Examples are exactly as they were found. No laws were broken obtaining the pictures.

Passionfish – Overflowing trash & grease on the sidewalk:
Dumpster Passionfish 080311

American Tin Cannery.
Dumpster Atc 080714

Lighthouse Cinema
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720b

Lighthouse Cinema – Rats at work on the popcorn.
Dumpster Lh Cinema 080720c

Dumpster Fandango 080622

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720a

Grapes Of Wrath Catering
Dumpster Grapes O Wrath 080720

Hollys Cafe
Dumpster Hollys Cafe 080622

Dumpster behind Holmans.
Dumpster Holmans 080720

Dumpster behind Holmans – open to the air & contains garbage.
Dumpster Holmans 080720b

Juice & Java (the place where the walls are being streaked)
Dumpster Juice Java 080720

Pacific Thai – trash outside of the dumpster cubby
Pacific Thai

Pacific Thai – grease on the sidewalk
Pacific Thai Greasy Sidewalk

Pacific Grove Plaza
Dumpster PG Plaza 080720

Seabreeze Motel (2nd time . .)
Dumpster Sea Breeze Motel 080622

Dumpster Zocalo 080720

Garbage uncovered at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720c

Grease spills at Zocalo
Dumpster Zocalo 080720 grease

Dumpster Lattitudes 080721

Rons Liquor doesn’t even have a dumpster – the sidewalk is his trash can.
Rons Liquor Trash 080720

Small Update – A citizen turned this matter over the Monterey County Health department, who said that in the week of the 7th the businesses will be visited. Did it happen? If it did, it made little difference.

American Tin Cannery (for the commenter below that dismissed the original photo)

Fandangos did close the lid, but the gulls take advantage of sloppy housekeeping.
Dumpster Fandango 081008

Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

6 thoughts on “Photos – The Dumpsters Of Commerce

  1. I’m so glad I found this website…all the disenchantment with my new home town is reflected here with humor. RE: The bird poop. Why don’t people clean it up – especially the shopkeepers? Why are the seagulls allowed to take over the town? I guess when you grow up with poop all over you don’t notice it anymore…The best part of the Feast of Lanterns was the fireworks. The noise was so loud the seagulls took off for parts unknown. Too bad they came back.

  2. Of course the business owners should clean it up. Better would be to not feed so many of the vermin in the first place.

    We seem to have forgotten the raccoon population boom that once had the town up in arms over trapping, killing and disposing of the masked bandits. When all the crazies calmed, it came down to a simple guideline of not leaving food out for the ‘coons.

    Still, a young child was infected by parasites that are in raccoon poop and is permanently disabled. Will it take another plague to get restaurants to cover their trash? I hope not.

    I’m going out with the camera again – anything I see like this again gets reported to the department of health.

    Anyone have more news articles about the raccoon massacre of 1998? Would like to post them..

  3. How does he know that the popcorn is being eatin by rats and not the birds?. He has shown us photo evidence of birds but not rats there are no rats in any of the photos. Many of the dumpsters show are emptied daily. How does he know the bird poop isn’t cleaned every year or every 6 months? birds poop everyday. is the juice store requiered to own a pressure washer or hire some one to do that every morning? Who is responsible the merchant in the store or the guy that owns the building. I would like to see some actual research and reporting of the facts. Should the city poison the birds?

  4. What great investigative reporting. So the trash is overflowing at the Passionfish. I see the lid a bit ajar which must mean that business is good. The city picks up the trash probably once or twice a week? So what should Passionfish do with the trash when it exceeds the dumpster? Looks like they’re doing a pretty good job to me. And how do you know that that is grease on the ground? Did you run some CSI tests back at the lab? Just so you know, dumpsters aren’t leak proof. I seem to have spotted some oil stains on the street from parked cars in the same photo. Perhaps that can be your next assignment. I could go photo to photo and just laugh at your one sentence conclusions, but I already did that. And just so you know…this writing is totally unrehearsed. The only laws broken were those of good reporting. Welcome to the internet. Let’s give everyone a voice.

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