No Beauty School For Vacant Theater

Basing its decision primarily on the lack of parking downtown, the city’s planning commission voted Aug. 16 not to issue a use permit for a Paul Mitchell Partner Beauty School, which would have occupied the 12,000 square-foot building at 525 and 527 Lighthouse Ave.

In July, Jeanne Combs wrote a letter to Mayor Dan Cort opposing the Paul Mitchell school, saying it could be harmful to similar local businesses because beauty schools typically offer discounted rates for haircuts, manicures and other services.

In other words – Similar Local Businesses charge too much for too little. Guess this idea would not go over . .

Lighthouse Cheesecake

That’s one downtown business that would bring more people to P.G. than all the bistros and taco places combined . . yummm The Cheesecake Factory.

No Beauty School For Vacant Theater