Lighthouse Cinema Decision Delayed

Lighthouse Cinema

The old Lighthouse Cinema closed in September, less than two years after a 13-screen theater opened at Del Monte Center in Monterey. That left the 11,000-square-foot downtown spot empty, though it is currently being used on a temporary basis for Sunday services by a church congregation.

Along with two shops, Enea proposes to retain a two-story office space and create three new apartments.

“Come back soon with more details”. That’s what the Pacific Grove City Council told developer Robert Enea on Wednesday. He is talking to at least four potential retailers but said he couldn’t reveal their identities to the council because of confidentiality agreements.

Several council members said they were uncomfortable giving the project a green light without knowing the type of businesses that would fill the space. Without that information, they couldn’t gauge the project’s potential traffic and noise impacts.

Pft. Look at what’s been brought to PG lately. Carmalodorous bistros and art galleries. I’d let Enea put a bowling alley there if it would bring tax revenue to town.

Lighthouse Cinema Decision Delayed