“Wizard’s” Wannabe Apprentice Can’t Read A Court Calendar

Colangelo Shrug Ani
“One member of the public who spoke up during the meeting was Joy Colangelo, who lives in Pacific Grove and is a staunch advocate for short-term rental owners. Colangelo was pushing for perpetuity, and she also invited the Carmel council to come watch a trial that was scheduled to start on Dec. 16 in Monterey County Superior Court, pitting short-term landlords against the city of P.G. for allegedly violating their rights with limits on the rentals. The plaintiffs are represented by the Goldwater Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Phoenix. Colangelo touted their attorney, Goldwater executive VP Christina Sandefur: “She’s a wizard!” Coangelo gushed. Alas, the trial was not to be.” Note – said “Wizard” voluntarily dismissed the most important claim and therefore the trial was cancelled – court approved the dismissal on Nov 21.

Short Term Rental Invasion Halted

Ballot measure to keep mini hotels out of residential neighborhoods passes

“Our City Council stopped paying attention to the residents and gave more attention to the out-of-town investors and so we had no choice but to do a ballot initiative,” he said. “The community won.”

Those backing the measure included residents who view STRs and their tenants as disruptive and overrunning their small town and changing the character of “America’s Last Hometown.” There are also associations like the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce concerned that such vacation rentals are negatively affecting the business of the town’s inns and hotels.


Yes On Measure M


“We have a plan if ‘Yes’ wins and if ‘No’ wins,” said P.G. resident Joy Colangelo, noting that if the measure did pass, those for STRs would write another initiative in a year or so to try to get STRs back.

Colangelo Shrug Ani

Short Term Rental Invasion Halted

STR Businesses Challenge Lottery For Permits

Yes On M

STRONGpg includes Joy Colon-Jello who’d rather rent her house out as hotel rooms.

At the time, Mayor Bill Kampe explained the system was meant to reduce density in 52 blocks in the city, noting that out of the 475 blocks in the city, 175 have STRs present and 52 of those are over-dense by a 15 percent criteria.

In response, STRONGpg filed a lawsuit in April seeking a motion for preliminary injunction that would stop the lottery from occurring in the near future while the complaint filed against the city in regards to the revised STR ordinance is being investigated.

STR Businesses Challenge Lottery For Permits

Illegal Hotels In Homes Owners Sue City

Most of these “short term rental” businesses are owned by out of town companies or people that don’t live in P.G. They fought against the pigs and chickens already, now they fight to turn neighborhoods into motels.

Pacific Grove’s rules, the suit says, “unlawfully violate, deny and impair the fundamental vested rights of the petitioners and others lawfully using their properties for short-term occupancy and rentals.”

The lawsuit also names rental owners Joy Colangelo, Kevin Delaney, William B. Harder, Alka Joshi, Kathryn Kranen and Spencer Tall as plaintiffs. Palo Alto attorney David P. Lanferman filed the complaint on their behalf.

Illegal Hotels In Homes Owners Sue City

Fog Found To Contain Mercury

Is there any connection to Joy Colon-Jello’s behavior and her fog catcher water?

Green Spot Fog Catcher

Previous UCSC research had found mercury — a dangerous neurotoxin — in the Monterey Bay’s surface water, he said.

“I was like, well, if it’s in the surface seawater and it can evaporate into the air, it probably should be in fog, because fog is just this cloud that sits right over the water, so it probably should soak it up. And I was like, oh, nobody’s ever measured that before,” Weiss-Penzias said.

And so was born a National Science Foundation-funded research project, now hitting its four-year mark, co-led by four scientists from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Cal State Monterey Bay and UCSC. The team spread out on land and by sea, measuring mercury levels in the fog, water, plants and animals.

What they found was 10 times more mercury in the West Coast’s fog than in rainwater. The team also compared mercury levels between local plants and animals and their counterparts from non-foggy areas. They found: six to 10 times higher mercury levels in the Santa Cruz Mountains’ pumas, two times higher levels in local deer and elevated levels in local lichens.

Fog Found To Contain Mercury

Are Internet Room Rentals Hurting Local Motels?

A little. Bigger story is that they are getting away with not paying their fair share of tax. Then the tax collector uses the ‘no resources” excuse to not go after them.

I offer my plan. Have the parking enforcement department search the web and collect addresses since they are not enforcing parking anyway. Then impose a yearly flat tax based on number of rooms the house has. Should get enough revenue to hire someone at the tax collection office to actually collect taxes.

Pacific Grove inn owner Amrish Patel said the lack of regulation on sales tax for these rentals can create an unfair advantage.

“It’s not fair that we’re being taxed and they’re not,” Patel said. “But I don’t know how you can enforce that.”

The city of Pacific Grove prohibits renting out private rooms, but does allow homeowners to rent out their whole house if they get a transient use license. KSBW searched for rentals in the Pacific Grove area and found more than 150 renters listing private bedrooms for rent.

Monterey County tax collector Mary Zeeb said neighbors call in to report illegal renting but that her staff does not have the time or resources to check whether each renter paid sales tax on the revenue.

And what kind of P.G. homeowner would be opening up their house for profits with no overhead cost?Joy Colangelo STR
Sustainakook Joy Colon-Jello for starters

Internet Room Rentals Hurting Local Motels?

Substainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Speak, Unless It Fits Their Agenda Is A Good Thing

Joy Colonjello and her Sustainable P.G. ‘Agenda 21′ group’s mission to strip people of their rights & property. She whined at a council meeting that other peoples’ agendas were interfering with hers.

Colangelo Shrug Ani

The council will consider today whether to require those who want to address them to fill out speaker cards with their names and addresses beforehand,

As for speaker cards, many public agencies require them, Laredo said, including the Monterey County Board of Supervisors and the cities of Salinas and Santa Cruz. The cards, he said, aid in preparing an accurate record of speakers and the organizations they represent, without interfering with a speaker’s right to engage in anonymous speech.

So they want people to fill out cards before being allowed to speak. So they can visit you o “follow up on matters”, eh?

Substainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Speak, Unless It Fits Their Agenda Is A Good Thing

Sustainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Travel Is A Good Thing

It’s a war between the remaining stores on the fast-becoming-a-ghost-town streets and the creepy-hidden-agenda new world order groups.

Two things are right – downtown merchants are not selling much that residents want, and the farmers market is fairly dull.

While merchants generally spoke in favor of moving the market venue, representatives of Sustainable Pacific Grove spoke in favor of keeping it at its current location.

“We want it on Lighthouse, and we want Lighthouse closed as often as possible,” said Joy Colangelo of Sustainable Pacific Grove, which claims 430 members.

“Foot traffic will increase downtown profitability,” she said. “Downtown businesses are not selling things we want to buy. They’re unwilling to adapt. That’s why they’re going under.”

If Lighthouse is closed to motor vehicle traffic and becomes a pedestrian mall, Colangelo said, “we’d be the jewel of the county — a quaint, walkable city.”

Substainable Development

Sustainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Travel Is A Good Thing

Joy Colangelo – Darwin Theory In Practice

I’ve been carless for three months after my car caught fire while being repaired at the dealer. I ride my bike daily and have lost 10 pounds, which I really didn’t need to lose. I eat more than my teenage children, who are junior Olympians.

I canceled my auto insurance. I fly by gas pumps and have a cholesterol ratio that defies science. But I don’t wear a helmet. And I don’t use bike lanes.

Okaaaaaay. In today’s Letters From The Editor, Greg Lindsey writes:

As a former traffic cop, I could only shake my head after reading Joy Colangelo’s column Sunday.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand the traffic laws applicable to bicycles. Riders are required to ride as far right on the roadway as possible. The only two general circumstances where a bicyclist can be out in traffic is when they’re making a left turn or are riding as fast as the traffic is moving.

Cycle Against Oil

What Kind Of Green Is The Mayor Thinking?

“The green and sustainable movement is ignored at our own peril,” Cort told chamber members who gathered for a lunch of fillet Mignon or vegetarian lasagna at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach. “It’s like taking yourself off the Internet. We’re not going to be left behind.”

Pacific Grove can’t compete with the big box stores of Sand City, the shopping centers of Monterey, or the high-end boutiques of Carmel, he said. So it has to offer its own unique appeal for shopping and tourism.

One proposal by the city’s economic advisory committee is for conversion of the portion of Lighthouse Avenue in the old part of downtown to a pedestrian-only area, making Pacific Grove “the first pedestrian-only city on the Peninsula” he said.

He talking out of two mouths. One says to be sustain, recycle, solar and the other says let’s worship those hydrocarbon emitting cars that are so despised by the likes of Joy Colon-Jello.

The March 5 agenda pitches a once a month gathering of cars, old ones – the most polluting of all:

The City Council will consider adding the “Pacific Grove Old Town Classic Car Show” sponsored by Rats to Riches, Inc. a non-profit to the City’s Special Events Calendar.
Reference: City Manager Colangelo
Recommended Action: Approve addition of “Rats to Riches” Car Show to the City’s Special Events Calendar

In the same agenda is a reconsideration of another auto-worship event taking over the city’s golf course:

The City Council will consider the creation of a Council Subcommittee of Council Members Miller and Nilmeier to negotiate with Concorso Italiano, Inc for an exotic car show at the Pacific Grove Golf Course.
Reference: Council Members Nilmeier and Miller
Recommended Action: Direct Staff to negotiate formal agreement for future Council consideration

What Kind Of Green Is The Mayor Thinking?