Joy Colangelo – Darwin Theory In Practice

I’ve been carless for three months after my car caught fire while being repaired at the dealer. I ride my bike daily and have lost 10 pounds, which I really didn’t need to lose. I eat more than my teenage children, who are junior Olympians.

I canceled my auto insurance. I fly by gas pumps and have a cholesterol ratio that defies science. But I don’t wear a helmet. And I don’t use bike lanes.

Okaaaaaay. In today’s Letters From The Editor, Greg Lindsey writes:

As a former traffic cop, I could only shake my head after reading Joy Colangelo’s column Sunday.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand the traffic laws applicable to bicycles. Riders are required to ride as far right on the roadway as possible. The only two general circumstances where a bicyclist can be out in traffic is when they’re making a left turn or are riding as fast as the traffic is moving.

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