Salinas Loses .5 Million Dollars From “Green Vehicles” Involvement

City governments need to stay out of private sector businesses.

A Salinas car manufacturing company that was expected to build environmentally friendly electric cars and create new jobs folded before almost any vehicles could run off the assembly line.

The city of Salinas had invested more than half a million dollars in Green Vehicles, an electric car start-up company.

All of that money is now gone, according to Green Vehicles President and Co-Founder Mike Ryan.

Thing is butt ugly, too.
Green Vehicles Closes
From the San Jose Mercury in 2010. Reads like a sham pitch full of eco-babble. No mention of true environmental progresses such as recyclable building materials or support for the vendors in China (!!) to improve their pollution output.

The first Triac prototypes were made in China, but the company moved manufacturing operations to California to lower its carbon footprint as soon as it got funding from the energy commission. Building the Triac in the state with the greatest market for electric vehicles will minimize the cost of transporting materials and vehicles, Ryan said.

Green Vehicles is also working on an online site that tracks the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and waste. “I want people to see these kinds of metrics,” Ryan said.

Salinas Loses .5 Million Dollars From “Green Vehicles” Involvement

How’s That Styrofoam Ban Working Out?

Hints at what a plastic bag ban would accomplish.
Coast Weakly

In P.G., there hasn’t been much enforcement in the three years its polystyrene ban has been in effect. But the city recently sent a warning letter to its 56 restaurants, putting them on notice that the city is now taking a closer look.?

“We’ve not had a code enforcement officer until this year,” explains Environmental Programs Manager Sarah Hardgrave. “Now we have more resources for follow-up.”?

How’s That Styrofoam Ban Working Out?

Green Crime On The Rise

Add possible theft and jail crowding to the cost of going green.

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies say charges of grand theft and trespassing are pending against five male juveniles suspected of stealing a solar panel and battery used to power an electric fence on a ranch in San Lucas.

Deputies said that at 11:10 a.m. Sunday, the boys, ranging in age from 14 to 16, trespassed onto the ranch on Star Road and removed the panel and battery, then buried them in anticipation of retrieving the goods later.

Deputies said they followed the footprints from the scene to a house in San Lucas.

Green Crime On The Rise

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Contain Lead

Not only do they sustain bacteria, they contain lead.

Scrape off the trendiness and a popular “green” choice is actually “gray” underneath; some reusable shopping bags contain lead.

The Tampa Tribune commissioned an independent lab to test the reusable shopping bags of the plasticy, painted-on graphic variety, sold by Winn-Dixie and Publix supermarkets.

In the first batch of tests, Winn-Dixie’s bag had lead levels at 121 parts per million and Publix had 87. In the second, there were 117 and 194 parts per million, respectively.

(The Cosumerist)

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Contain Lead

Ecofreak Building Rules For P.G?

More lead based lights. And just who will enforce this little loss of private property rights?


Monterey adopted a green building ordinance about a year and half ago requiring new construction and renovations in the city to follow some environmentally friendly guidelines, “Over the past year and a half over a 1000 plus buildings are greener because of the program,” said Building Official John Kuehl

Ecofreak Building Rules For P.G?

Global Warming Kooks Meet At Asilomar

And try to ruin freedom as we know it through “alternate strategies”.

Not Saving The Planet

They released a joint press release Friday expressing “deep concern” over the limited efforts to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases and calling for additional research to examine the need for “alternative strategies” to moderate future climate change.

Global Warming Kooks Meet At Asilomar

The Once A Year Passionfish Green Hoax

Lather, rinse, repeat. As long as this poof piece is reported every year, remember it’s about green in their wallets.

You should see the mountains of landfill-destined garbage and rubbish that this restaurant generates. Look at the grease encroaching the sidewalk leaking from their overflowing dumpster. See the other trash cans blocking the sidewalk. This “green” business practices is a farce.

Dumpster Passionfish 080311


From: (link dead – admin)

Passionfish also holds the designation of being Monterey County’s first green certified restaurant. Cindy, the daughter of a fisherman, serves on the advisory council for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and is a member of the Seafood Choices Alliance. During the past few years, she has been inducted into the California Restaurant Association’s Hall of Fame, been named a “California Woman of the Year” by state Assemblyman John Laird, and been among 10 finalists for the International Seafood Champion’s Award.

The Once A Year Passionfish Green Hoax

We’ll Have A “Green” Christmas

New LED wreaths. Nice change from the boring white ones.

“Well the holiday season in Pacific Grove is very important, especially to the down town merchants, and so the decoration lightning that we do down there is a key integral part of the whole celebratory aspect here, and one of the things we’ve been looking at is energy efficiency, says Pacific Grove public works superintendent Celia Martinez.

Pacific Grove has done just that, with 90 wreaths lining the light poles on Lighthouse and over 6,000 holiday light bulbs shining for 9 hours per night through the holiday season, an electricity bill of over $2,200 from last year, will be cut drastically.

Speaking of boring white lights, the “little Las Vegas” display on the old Grove Theater building is out this year. Merry X-mas!
No lights

We’ll Have A Green Christmas

Green Spot: Sustainability Enlightenment Or Trash Dump?

Our own little slice of dirty hippy culture. Hate to say we told you so, but it’s starting to look like a meth-lab/rats nest. Time to call the landlord – Greg Beardsley.

Trash piled up.
Green Spot Trash

Exposed 110 volt wires & dead landscaping. Old plants tossed on the ground is not “composting”.
Green Spot Dump 2

Looking for a toilet tank lid? Or some old flower pots?
Green Spot Toilet Lid

More refuse piled up against building. Lead acid batteries at the bottom of the pile.
Green Spot Hazard

Tiki Torches. With the global warmth petro-chemical fluid leaking out onto the ground.
Green Spot Dump 5

Rusty unmarked containers.
Green Spot Dump 6

Green Spot: Sustainability Enlightenment Or Trash Dump?

Letters From The Editor: Green Is The New Red

In the guise of being “green,” “modern” and “forward-thinking,” Pacific Grove’s government seems to be promulgating some of the same ideas used in the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Everything old is “bad,” everything new is “good.” Throw out everything that has been done in the past, ignore long-standing committees and organizations, fire knowledgeable city employees, or force them to leave, and then try to totally remake Pacific Grove’s institutions. The Cultural Revolution was a complete disaster. I hope Pacific Grove doesn’t follow in China’s footsteps.

Sharon Kirsch

Pacific Grove

Letters From The Editor: Green Is The New Red