Obama’s Re-Education Camp Comes To Salinas

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Democrats are looking to continue a wave of support following the November elections; along with pushing for the Obama federal economic stimulus plan, state Democrats are asking for a backing of a package of ballot measures facing voters in a special election in May. The ballot measures call for a number of changes to California budget policy, following the passage of a belated state budget in February.

“We need to move this state forward we can’t be last in schools, education,” said Shawn Bagley, Central Coast Regional Director. “When I grew up (California) was first in everything–what on earth happened?”

What happened? We sent Sam “the sham” Farr, Babs “checkbouncer” Boxer & Nancy “on  a jet plane” Pelosi to Washington. Decades of Democrat control, that’s what happened.

Obama’s Re-Education Camp Comes To Salinas

Sustainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Travel Is A Good Thing

It’s a war between the remaining stores on the fast-becoming-a-ghost-town streets and the creepy-hidden-agenda new world order groups.

Two things are right – downtown merchants are not selling much that residents want, and the farmers market is fairly dull.

While merchants generally spoke in favor of moving the market venue, representatives of Sustainable Pacific Grove spoke in favor of keeping it at its current location.

“We want it on Lighthouse, and we want Lighthouse closed as often as possible,” said Joy Colangelo of Sustainable Pacific Grove, which claims 430 members.

“Foot traffic will increase downtown profitability,” she said. “Downtown businesses are not selling things we want to buy. They’re unwilling to adapt. That’s why they’re going under.”

If Lighthouse is closed to motor vehicle traffic and becomes a pedestrian mall, Colangelo said, “we’d be the jewel of the county — a quaint, walkable city.”

Substainable Development

Sustainable Pacific Grove: Restricting Your Right To Travel Is A Good Thing