Zero Net Change

Bike stations would be located at places such as Middlebury Institute of International Studies, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Presidio of Monterey.

Councilman Alan Haffa was very supportive of the program, noting that his students at Monterey Peninsula College were enthusiastic about it while Councilman Ed Smith had concerns that people wouldn’t spend money on such a program when they can purchase their own used bike for a reasonable cost.

The city on Tuesday also approved its Climate Action Plan, which has been in the works for several years.

This makes sense – more bicycle riders exhaling more CO2 into the fragile atmosphere. Bicycle riding is causing global warming.

Zero Net Change

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

Why not make all the tourists ride bikes. Put up a gate at the tunnel, resident cars only.

Expect delays

Construction on the Holman Highway Roundabout project is expected to begin in June. The project, up at the intersection of 17-Mile Drive and state Route 68, will likely push a lot more vehicle traffic onto Lighthouse Avenue, a Monterey artery that is already frequently clogged.

“Come 3 p.m., 3:30 p.m., it starts to back up, and from that point until about 7 p.m., it’s pretty slow here,” said Jason Costanza, who owns Monterey Seibuken Academy, on Lighthouse Avenue.

Monterey is hoping rather than getting frustrated with even more traffic this summer, people will take a new route to work.

“We want to get people to walk, and we want to get people to bike,” said Andrea Renny, with the city’s traffic and engineering department.

Hey P.G. Commuters, Monterey Says Ride A Bike

Cyclist With No Helmet Rear Ends Car

Bicycles – dangerous in the hands of ill prepared riders.


Police, Monterey Fire Department and MR Ambulance were sent to an injury crash at 12:23 p.m. Monday in the area of Central Avenue and 14th Street in Pacific Grove.

The bicyclist was suffering from a laceration above her left eye and additional head trauma.

The investigation found the woman was riding her bicycle without a helmet eastbound on Central Avenue approaching 14th Street when she collided with the rear of a 2005 Honda Accord.

Cyclist With No Helmet Rear Ends Car

Bicyclist Hits Child On Trail, Ditches

Carmel Pine Cone Police Blog

Instead of hollering “bike in the rear”, put the brakes on.

Pacific Grove: Subject reported he was riding his bicycle eastbound on the bike trail. Announced “Bike to the rear,” as he approached a group standing in his lane of travel. As he attempted to ride around the group, an 11-year-old girl ran into his path. He struck victim’s arm with his bike, and he fell off of the left side of the bike. He received scrapes along the left side of his body and forehead. The pedestrian was not injured, and she gave the same account of the incident as the cyclist. She said she became confused. Her mother was also present. The subject was treated by fire personnel on scene and elected not to go to the hospital via ambulance.

Bicyclist Hits Child On Trail, Ditches

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Substainable P.G. type idea to make travel by car less desirable. Look at the picture, there is enough room on Pine Ave for 4 traffic lanes, curbside parking and bike lanes to nowhere.
Pine Avenue 1980s

Earlier this year, the Pacific Grove Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Commission made efforts to carry out a 3-lane conversion on Pine Avenue, with one lane each way and a center turning lane, adding bike lanes on each side. Amid mixed public reaction to the proposed project, the idea has been postponed and Public Works has completed a re-paint of the street in its familiar, 4-lane configuration. No plans for a 3-lane conversion are in the works at this time.

No Traffic Solutions For Pine Ave. Not That It Was Needed Anyway

Government Keeping Us Safe – No Cell Phones On Bikes

Can I still send text messages though?
Trike Dog

But for Ron Johnson and Trevor Pilling-Miller they’re already ahead of the curve, they say hands-free on two wheels is the way to go.

“Just press the button when the phone rings and you answer it,” said Johnson.

“It’s safe you can still have control of your bike and be looking around, actually holding your cell that’s a distraction it’s going to cause you to wipe it pretty bad or hit somebody else,” said Pilling-Miller.

or worse still, drop your call since P.G. has terrible coverage.

Government Keeping Us Safe – No Cell Phones On Bikes

Revenue – Tax Bicycles


I paid a bike license fee when P.G. collected them. Sounds good, eh?

Does the bicyclist have to pass driver exams and pay fees to learn to drive safely? Does he pay taxes and fees for license plates and vehicle registration? Trucking fees are very expensive. Does he pay high fuel taxes intended for repairs and building roads? What expense does the bicyclist have except maybe a small sales tax on his bicycle?

Revenue – Tax Bicycles

Letters From The Editor – Self Righteous Bicyclists

I had Tam O’Shanter holler at my kids on the trail for straying to far from the dirt path.Bicycle Crash

My neighbor then told me a male cyclist actually hit her friend on the back of her head during one of their walks. One of the problems with only allowing cyclists on the paved portion is some think they are entitled to enforce the rule with extremely rude and dangerous behavior.

Hmmm. Spokes + walking stick . . .

Letters From The Editor – Self Righteous Bicyclists