“Wizard’s” Wannabe Apprentice Can’t Read A Court Calendar

Colangelo Shrug Ani
“One member of the public who spoke up during the meeting was Joy Colangelo, who lives in Pacific Grove and is a staunch advocate for short-term rental owners. Colangelo was pushing for perpetuity, and she also invited the Carmel council to come watch a trial that was scheduled to start on Dec. 16 in Monterey County Superior Court, pitting short-term landlords against the city of P.G. for allegedly violating their rights with limits on the rentals. The plaintiffs are represented by the Goldwater Institute, a libertarian think tank based in Phoenix. Colangelo touted their attorney, Goldwater executive VP Christina Sandefur: “She’s a wizard!” Coangelo gushed. Alas, the trial was not to be.” Note – said “Wizard” voluntarily dismissed the most important claim and therefore the trial was cancelled – court approved the dismissal on Nov 21.