Short Term Rental Invasion Halted

Ballot measure to keep mini hotels out of residential neighborhoods passes

“Our City Council stopped paying attention to the residents and gave more attention to the out-of-town investors and so we had no choice but to do a ballot initiative,” he said. “The community won.”

Those backing the measure included residents who view STRs and their tenants as disruptive and overrunning their small town and changing the character of “America’s Last Hometown.” There are also associations like the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce concerned that such vacation rentals are negatively affecting the business of the town’s inns and hotels.


Yes On Measure M


“We have a plan if ‘Yes’ wins and if ‘No’ wins,” said P.G. resident Joy Colangelo, noting that if the measure did pass, those for STRs would write another initiative in a year or so to try to get STRs back.

Colangelo Shrug Ani

Short Term Rental Invasion Halted