CHASE That Bird Poop Off

Among all this Global Warming pseudo science Chase makes no mention of stopping the pollution of environment by it’s own practices..

Chase employs this anonymous pair to pressure wash the exterior of the building in the early morning. All the rinse water goes right down the storm drain.Chase Washers

A true caring business in the community would capture the run-off and dispose of it properly.

CHASE That Bird Poop Off

6 thoughts on “CHASE That Bird Poop Off

  1. Actually, we have a diverter project at the bottom of Oceanview & it directs the water to the treatment plant, not the ocean. But today I noticed lots of the water flowing into the bay at the bottom of Fountain.

  2. I guess there are no true carring business here or elsewhere. After over 20 years in the business I have never seen any one collect the run off from pressure washing. What about the bird poop that lands on the street or sidewalk and then gets washed away by rain. Better yet what about the bird poop that lands right in the bay?!?!?

    A better question, for those who truely care would be, why aren’t these local business hiring local contractors to do the work. The bank across the street, the Centrella, Molly’s(last year) the Red House (last year) and many others were all painted with out of town contractors and didn’t even give their fellow chamber members a call for a bid.

    that is of more concern than bird poop that would have ended up on the ground an in the drain anyways.

    You should put some effort in effecting some real change instead of just whinning like a grumpy old man

  3. How’s that chamber favor working out for you Ted? Didn’t you know that you don’t stop there, you have to extend the favor to the FOM (Freinds Of Moeammar) gang.

    Follow the link to Chase, read some of their greenwashing and send some emails.

    It’s not just the bird poop. Add the detergents and any paint particles that wash off to the stream. I’ve seen fleet service companies that wash 100 trucks in a lot recapture the runoff using dams around the drains and a pump to recover the water. For someone that uses hazardous substances in their work you seem uniformed.

    P.G. paid $17,000 to wash the bird poop from the roof of city hall due to the toxicity. Betcha they didn’t send the rinse water down the storm drain (see October 2008 archive).

  4. Sure, join the chamber. Just remember if you don’t volunteer your time or stuff, don’t expect to get references. If you don’t get references, how is your business to survive? Right, that’s what happened to some other businesses here that refused to give.
    You know Norton, you could just put a new coat of latex on the Chamber place & then you can get Mommar to give you references. Cleaning Machine used to steam clean our business sidewalks for $15,000 per year & the runoff went into the sea at the time. The owner didn’t mind, he told me they didn’t create enough water to make runoff with one hose, but they were using 2-4 hoses at the same time.

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