Beaches Close As Millions Of Gallons Of Raw Sewage Dump In The Bay

From those fine people that brought you ongoing sewage spills at Lovers Point We have anohter one by Monterey One Water, better known as Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency.

Monterey One Water says as much as 4.9 million gallons of wastewater spilled into the Monterey Bay. The leak was caused by an equipment failure at their wastewater treatment facility in Marina. The beach coastline between Marina State Beach and Stillwater Cove, Monterey, California are closed as a result.

Millions Of Gallons Of Raw Sewage In The Bay

Change It To Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency

Not a repeat from 2015’s What Do You Smell, Ralph?

Raw wastewater flowed onto the Rec Trail and into the Monterey Bay from about 7 to 8:30 p.m. after a power surge caused the pump station’s electrical equipment to fail, according to Mike McCullough, government affairs administrator of the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency.

“All of the bumps and power surges — sometimes that can throw some of the electronic equipment into chaos,” said McCullough, who noted that shortly after the incident, officials from the agency successfully hooked up another generator to do the pumping that needed to be done.

Change It To Monterey Regional Water Pollution Creation Agency

That's Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

Mysterious oily substance on beach surrounded by restaurants eh?

Capt Calamari

Cleanup has begun at McAbee Beach in Monterey after an oily substance was found in the sand in February. Crews were removing contaminated sediment Tuesday from the area near Cannery Row where they discovered the petroleum substance, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

The substance is leaking from the foundation of an old building on the beach, but the source of the substance is still unknown.

That’s Not How You Change The Grease Fryer

$3,000,000 To "Improve Water Quality" At Lovers Point

Interesting. What is given up in order get bestowed with these tax dollars? No fireworks shot over the water?

On Thursday, the state water board announced it had awarded the city a $3.3 million grant to fund part of a planned $4.8 million project aimed at improving a storm drain and sewer pipelines near the beach. The drain and pipelines are believed to be the source of poor water quality due to human bacteria contamination. The beach is regularly subject to public warnings and closure due to poor water quality.

$3,000,000 To “Improve Water Quality” At Lovers Point

Not To Be Out Done By The Crime Statistics, Now There Is Staggering Pollution To Deter Visitors

What “Staggering Pollution” may look like:

Staggering pollution from what, chowder samples and KarmelKorn? Staggering is mentioned twice in the KION article, but I have not heard any other reports of pollution on the levels of Deepwater Horizon.

One group is concerned about the whales’ safety due to the staggering pollution along the coast. Today Marine Life Studies’, Take the Streets group got out on fisherman’s wharf to clean up trash to prevent it from going into the water. However, the businesses on Fisherman’s Wharf are worried about the pollution for a different reason.

Not To Be Out Done By The Crime Statistics, Now There Is Staggering Pollution To Deter Visitors

Annual Springtime News – Beaches Polluted

Lovers Point beach sand

Six beaches in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, and Monterey were placed under water hazard advisories Tuesday afternoon due to high bacteria levels found in samples taken from the ocean.

The public is urged to not have ocean water contact at the following six beaches:

Monterey Municipal Beach, Monterey
San Carlos Beach, Monterey
Lovers Point, Pacific Grove
Asilomar Beach at Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove
Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach
Carmel Beach at Ocean Avenue, Carmel

Annual Springtime News – Beaches Polluted

Pollution Warnings Posted At Lovers Point

Must be a springtime event.

pollution warnings

Signs are posted at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove after a high level of bacteria was found in samples taken on Monday. The advisory will remain posted until samples indicate that indicator bacteria are at a safe level for recreational water contact according to state guidelines.

It is recommended that you do not swim in or have contact with storm drain water. Bacteria, viruses, protozoa or chemicals may contaminate storm drain water, and contact with storm drain water may cause illness.

Contact with the ocean water might make you sick but the SCUBA divers take the chance:
pollution divers

And the Adventures By The Sea rents kayaks for people to explore the polluted waters.
pollution kayaks

Pollution Warnings Posted At Lovers Point