Retired Police Brought In To Fill Vacancies

Filling in for cops that left for greener beats. Does no one see the point of being a cop in P.G. is not the same as being a cop in say, Watsonville and notice that it’s a good thing?

Cassie McSorley, who retired last July from the Salinas department after 30 years in law enforcement, has taken the job on a full-time but temporary basis while Pacific Grove searches for a permanent hire.

McSorley said she was “very much enjoying” her retirement but wanted to help out. “I thought what the heck, Pacific Grove is a great city.”

With its beautiful shoreline and a much lower crime rate than Salinas, McSorley said she’s enjoying the change.

Retired Police Brought In To Fill Vacancies

Lady Bank Robber’s Evidence

While one of our most interesting criminals, certainly not the smartest.

While Padilla pleaded not guilty to her charges, evidence found from the search warrant link her to several of the robberies.

Inside her Watsonville home police found some of the clothes she allegedly wore when she robbed the six banks including a t-shirt with “Garden Isle of Kauii” written on the front, the same shirt described in the Pismo Beach robbery. In Padilla’s car police found several hand written notes, one read “hand me all of your large bills. I will shoot you.”

Lady Bank Robber’s Evidence

Watsonville Woman Charged With P.G. Bank Robbery

Cristina Padilla

A 50-year-old mother, dubbed the Central Coast Bandit, has been charged with 13 counts of felony robbery and burglary in association with a string of bank robberies in San Luis Obispo County.

Cristina Fernandez Padilla of Watsonville is scheduled to appear in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Wednesday morning for her initial arraignment. Police say Padilla matched the description of a woman who robbed banks in Atascadero, Nipomo, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Modesto and Pacific Grove.

Watsonville Woman Charged With P.G. Bank Robbery

Watsonville Chimes In On P.G. Police

When I first moved to the area, I was stopped by a Pacific Grove policeman. This time, I was truly curious.

As I drove away, the warning I understood was that older-model cars might be stopped and searched at random by Pacific Grove police.

Watsonville’s police force is dedicated to public safety, not collecting taxes. My interactions with Monterey and Pacific Grove have left me to believe that creating revenue is the priority. Perhaps they just don’t have enough to do. Perhaps those cities could save some money in work force reductions.

Me, I will be wary and do less shopping and eating in Monterey County. I can’t afford $250 toll roads.

Maybe that’s why the stabbings and gang shootings happen in Watsonville and not P.G.?
A few recent stories out of W-ville:
8/3 A homeless man and six Watsonville gang members, age 12-19, have been arrested in connection with the April slaying of another homeless man.
8/3 rape of a 23-year-old woman in her home early Saturday
7/17 WATSONVILLE – Police are searching for a man who they said tried to kill the mother of his children Friday morning.
7/17 Teen boy recovering after being shot in the stomach in gang incident
7/14 Car chase, crash, stabbing in Watsonville blamed on gang rivalry
7/13 Teen stabbed in the head after Sunday night car chase
7/12 Two stabbings reported in Watsonville
6/17 Two arrested for street corner gunpoint robbery outside Watsonville
6/17 Watsonville teen shot in suspected gang-related drive-by
6/17 Watsonville men face trial on gang, assault charges for stabbing on Santa Cruz’ Chestnut Street
6/6 Teens stabbed, badly hurt during Watsonville gang fight
6/5 Watsonville neighborhood feud erupts into street fight between gang members

Watsonville Chimes In

Naked Woman Escapes With Police Car

Watsonville police officers responded about 6:30 a.m. to a complaint of a man and woman arguing in their home on Miles Lane. While an officer was talking to the person who called to complain, Lisa Isidro fled from the house without any clothes, police said.

Another officer tried to detain Isidro, using chemical spray to subdue her. Instead, she jumped into a police car and tried to run over the officer, police said.

Naked Woman Escapes With Police Car