Mayor Peak Stoned Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Maybe the mayor needs to be in the city managers real hometown to know what’s going on.

“I was not aware that Ben Harvey was contacting cannabis companies in July,” Peake said. “I was surprised because there was no interest in a cannabis store shown by the council.”

Harvey said Monday there was absolutely nothing inappropriate about his conversations and meetings with Apothecarium, and that to do so is part of his job as a type of ombudsman between elected officials and business projects.

“Part of my job is to deal with prospective businesses,” Harvey said. “I routinely meet with people interested in starting a business here, whether it’s a retailer, restaurant, brewpub or a cannabis dispensary.”

Another criticism of Harvey is that he allowed the one company, Apothecarium, to help draft the ordinance that would then be presented to the council on Sept. 2. Harvey argued there is nothing out of the ordinary in doing this. And he is right in that industry helps draft legislation in Sacramento regularly.


Mayor Peak Stone Deaf Of Harvey’s Dealings

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Asilomar Tent Rooms

Monterey County District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams, who represents Pacific Grove, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific criteria for sites that can be used for quarantines. She said that’s why the state chose Asilomar to quarantine the passengers.

“Asilomar, a state-owned facility, is one of the places that was identified,” Adams said. “So as the people up in Oakland were trying to parse out all of the folks around the state to different places, each one going to a spot that was the right level of care for them, there were people who were identified that should be able to come and stay at Asilomar.”

Local politicos remind us that they did not invite or volunteer to take in the passengers. Might be bad for elections.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake said state officials informed City Manager Ben Harvey Tuesday afternoon.

“The city was not part of any decision-making process to bring people to Asilomar,” he said. “We learned of this after the fact, pretty much at the same time the public learned that the state had decided to bring people to Asilomar.”

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Ban Will Hurt The Landscapers

“There’s been a slow but steady stream of complaints by many residents about leaf blowers, particularly with the noise level,” said Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake.

Landscapers and gardeners decry the move but acknowledge that banning blowers seem to be inevitable. Geovanni Oseguera has owned and operated Greener Bay Landscaping for 20 years. The company serves customers from the Monterey Peninsula to San Francisco, including Pacific Grove. He has seen bans go into effect in Palo Alto, Redwood City, Los Gatos, Los Altos and Sunnyvale.

He said he has had to explain to his customers that he will need to charge higher prices because his crews will need to stay on-site longer to clean up leaves that otherwise would have been removed faster with a leaf blower. But he said his customers have been accommodating about the need to raise prices.

I got a fix for that.

Take this approved electric leaf blower:
electric leaf blower

and plug in to a nonbanned electrical source:
Gas Generator

Problem solved.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Ban Will Hurt The Landscapers

No MJ For PG

So it’s proven that children have easy access to alcohol. And it’s been “hugely detrimental”. I think the problem is the same – no enforcement of keeping kids away from drugs.

Butterfly Weed

But Peake told The Pine Cone last week that the idea of allowing a marijuana outlet is now off the table. “Cannabis is not on council’s near-term agenda,” he said. “There wasn’t any appetite to move forward.” Peake was referring in part to concerns from the Pacific Grove Unified School District and residents. Pacific Grove Unified superintendent Ralph Porras, who worked in Santa Cruz schools for 18 years, said the availability of marijuana there was “hugely detrimental”to students.

No MJ For PG

Vacation Homeowner* Bill Peak Running For Mayor

A newcomer running against a status quo new comer. Doomed.

Vote Machine

Peake will face fellow Councilman Rudy Fischer, who has served on the council since 2010. Last month Fischer officially tossed his hat in the ring for November’s mayoral race. Fischer said he wanted to continue the council’s current policies and direction including improvements to the city’s infrastructure and noted the importance of upcoming roadway renovation

*From Coast Weakly October 9, 2014:

We recommend adding Bill Peake to the council. A newcomer to both the city and its political landscape, Peake is a retired Chevron engineer who bought a house in the city 25 years ago, but only moved in full time four years ago.

Vacation Homeowner Bill Peak Running For Mayor