Security Guard Arrested For New Monterey Rape

Daniel Lee Bell, of Seaside, was arrested at 12:14 p.m. on a $150,000 warrant. The warrant stemmed from a Dec. 30, 2013, report by a woman who told police she had been raped by an unknown man.

At the time of the alleged assault, Bell was on duty as a uniformed security guard patrolling apartment complexes throughout Monterey County. Employed by San Jose-based Code 3, Bell was driving a marked security vehicle and wearing a duty belt with pepper spray, a baton and a stun gun, police said.

The woman and her male companion were contacted by Bell on the 700 block of Pine Street in Monterey as they walked home from a local bar. They thought Bell was a police officer due to his uniform and marked vehicle, the woman told police.

Security Guard Arrested For New Monterey Rape

Pollacci's Second Rape Trial Witness Admissibility Hearing

Normal delays. But article does mention that the former P.G. Ron’s Liquors clerk is a guest of the former P.G. Police Chief’s jail, and sadly has not made it to the ‘Big House’ yet.

Tom Pollacci

(Judge) Grover had to postpone the discussion because of jury selection in another case and asked public defender Michelle Wouden and deputy district attorney Mike Breeden to return at 8:30 a.m. June 17 for arguments

Pollacci, who has been in county jail since receiving an eight-year prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of rape last summer, appeared in court briefly Wednesday afternoon

Pollacci’s Second Rape Trial Witness Admissibility Hearing

Seven Of Pollacci's Alleged Victims Will Testify

And lawsuits have been filed against the Pollaccis and the liquor stores, which coincidentally are in escrow

Prosecutor Michael Breeden did not get all he asked for Friday. Judge Adrienne Grover, who was recently assigned to the case, said the account of one woman who says she was kidnapped from her home by Pollacci and another man, taken to the Carmel River and raped 31 years ago is too dissimilar to the other women’s stories and too damaging to Pollacci to be told to his new jury.

According to statements in court, one of the women who has yet to tell her story publicly maintains she met Pollacci when she bought a bottle of water at Ron’s Liquors and told him she was going to the beach to study. She told investigators Pollacci later found her on the beach south of Asilomar, walked her to her car and raped her in the parking lot.

Seven Of Pollacci’s Alleged Victims Will Testify

Pollacci's Next Rape Trial To Stay In Monterey County

Parking for jury

Tommy has a public defender?

The trial of former liquor store worker Tom Pollacci — who was convicted last year of raping a woman before being charged with three more rapes — will not be moved to Madera County as his public defender had sought.

Though Pollacci’s attorney, Michelle Wouden, had argued the trial should be moved because it would be difficult to seat an impartial jury considering the extensive news coverage of Pollacci’s criminal cases, Superior Court Judge Terrance Duncan ruled May 20 the trial will stay in Monterey County.

Pollacci’s Next Rape Trial To Stay In Monterey County

Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In P.G.

So, who is Miller referring to in that last sentence?

Five of seven council members, though, said the ordinance had too many bugs, including that it placed too much burden on employers and was not easily enforceable.

“I see that we want to protect individuals … it’s our obligation,” councilman Ken Cuneo said at the meeting. “I don’t know if by adding another layer of law it will make anybody safer in doing so.”

However, Miller told The Pine Cone this week that he and Garcia, both of whom voted for the ordinance last week, haven’t given up on it yet.

Miller told the council why he and Garcia drew up the ordinance, which he said would help officials “protect people who can’t protect themselves.”

“The reason this came up is for years there was somebody in town,” Miller explained, “who I knew factually would ask for identification for purchase of alcohol … and show up at their houses after taking their addresses from their driver’s license.”

Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In PG

P.G. Man Arrested For Marina Rape

Wonder if he checks IDs in P.G.?

Marina police arrested Pacific Grove resident Benny Torres after he reportedly raped a woman somewhere in the 300 block of Reservation Road. Lt. Rick Janicki would not reveal any details of the case, other than to say the woman knew Torres and reported the rape at around 11:15 a.m. Officers’ investigation led them to Pacific Grove, where, with the help of colleagues from PGPD, they took Torres into custody.

P.G. Man Arrested For Marina Rape

P.G. Man Arrested For Rape In Marina

Officers went to the 300 block of Reservation Road after receiving a report about a sexual assault that took place at 11:15 a.m. Tuesday.

A female victim told officers that she had been sexually assaulted by a man that she knows, police said.

Police said they later identified Benny Torres, of Pacific Grove, as the suspect in the case.

Pollacci Trail For New Added Rape Charges Set For February 10

Tom Pollacci

Pollacci, who was living with his parents in Pebble Beach before he was jailed for raping a Colorado woman in the loft of his family’s Lighthouse Avenue liquor store and then leaving her at the hospital with a serious head injury in April 2008, stands accused of raping two more women who came forward during the investigation of that case and his trial this year.

According to investigators, Pollacci raped Jane Doe 1 in April 2007 and Jane Doe 2 twice in the fall of 2008. Deputy district attorney Mike Breeden and public defender Michelle Wouden are next set to appear in Duncan’s courtroom on the Pollacci case on Feb. 10, 2011, when the judge will consider any motions the defense wants to file.

Pollacci Trail For New Added Rape Charges Set For February 10