Short Term Rental Initiative Goes To City

Tar And Feather

Council members will decide between adopting the ordinance without alteration or immediately ordering an election, at which time the ordinance would be submitted to a vote by city voters during the November 2018 election. Their third option would be to direct city staff to prepare an analysis of the initiative’s business and fiscal impact.

“If I was going to think consistency and go with how city has acted in past, I suspect the council will lean toward putting it on the ballot,” he added.

While the item’s agenda report estimated getting the initiative on the ballot would cost from $58,206 to $77,608, Coletti said the city is confusing the total cost for an election with the cost of adding a single item to an existing ballot and that it would actually be much less.

“As an example, it only cost the city $8,500 to add Measure P (the unsuccessful admissions tax) to the November, 2016 ballot,” said Coletti.

Short Term Rental Initiative Goes To City