Judge Rules Against Forest Hill Manor

Forest Hill Manor Matches

Remember when 6 people sued to move into the same cottage? The city won. Must be crowded in that cottage..

The trial court ruled in support of the city on all counts, stating there was “no evidence” the city “fabricated or otherwise arbitrarily imposed conditions on Forest Hill Manor. The use permit provided for the completion of the project as a whole and a requirement that all conditions be satisfied before the issuance of an occupancy permit.”

Judge Rules Against Forest Hill Manor

Seniors May Be Allowed To Move Into FHM

Having to sell a perfectly good home to move into FHM. Oh the stress that must be bringing.

Forest Hill Manor


A lawsuit was filed by Forest Hill Manor to try to compel the city to allow the units to be occupied.

Now, at the request of Forest Hill, P.G. is considering granting temporary occupancy, which would allow residents to move in on condition Forest Hill completes its south-wing project and agrees to other conditions.

“If that is the case, that is very encouraging,” cottage resident hopeful Ted Hollister, 76, said Wednesday upon learning of the development.

“We can’t put our house on the market, which we have to do in order to move in,” said Hollister, who intends to move in to one of the cottages with his wife, Georgia. “We can’t afford to keep our house and move in there also.”

Seniors May Be Allowed To Move In

AOPs Sue Over Occupancy Permits at Forest Hill Manor

An attorney with Forest Hill Manor said she is preparing to sue the City of Pacific Grove over its refusal to issue a permit that would allow senior residents to move into newly constructed cottages.

The litigation would raise the stakes in Forest Hill’s ongoing battle with the city, which won’t issue an occupancy permit for the cottages at Fountain and Gibson until another project at Forest Hill, which includes new apartments, is completed.

“Construction of the entire project, and compliance with the use permit and all conditions of approval must be completed before the project can be deemed final and occupancy granted,” wrote assistant city attorney Heidi Quinn in an April 30 letter to Forest Hill’s attorney.

Allowing the cottages to be occupied before the rest of the project is finished would violate terms of the city’s use permit, Quinn contends.

Forest Hill Manor

Well, if they read the fine print as detailed as they write the claims for damages, the problem is obvious. Or is there some big love-in over at apartment B11?

We got 6 people here suing to live in apartment B11. (pointed out by Scott Miller)

Claim 2E

Forest Hill Manor 2e

Claim 2F

Forest Hill Manor 2f

Claim 2G

Forest Hill Manor 2g

Claim 2H

Forest Hill Manor 2h

Claim 2I

Forest Hill Manor 2i

Claim 2J

Forest Hill Manor 2j

They have 2 homes and cannot move into one, and it is causing mental stress. Oh how my heart bleeds (NOT).

AOPs Sue Over Occupancy Permits at Forest Hill Manor