Congressman Jimmy Panetta Will Ban Single Use Plastics

What a single use plastic might look like:
Jimmy P Plastic

Local communities have taken the necessary steps to reduce unnecessary plastic products. But now it’s time for the federal government to demonstrate leadership and address this problem,” said Panetta. “The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act sets out a marker to show the need to rein in waste, improve recycling, decrease harmful emissions, and help stop plastics from ending up in our oceans.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta Will Ban Single Use Plastics

Every Election Needs A Politically Correct Candidate

Not This Pc Again

Seeking to bring diversity to the face of the city council, an emphasis on more green initiatives and policies that foster affordability for renters and buyers, Dionne Ybarra has announced her candidacy for mayor of Pacific Grove.

The candidate said her Mexican-American heritage represents one of many diverse groups that have come to live in P.G. from all over the world bringing different cultures, languages, and perspectives.

Every Election Needs A Politically Correct Candidate

Vacation Homeowner* Bill Peak Running For Mayor

A newcomer running against a status quo new comer. Doomed.

Vote Machine

Peake will face fellow Councilman Rudy Fischer, who has served on the council since 2010. Last month Fischer officially tossed his hat in the ring for November’s mayoral race. Fischer said he wanted to continue the council’s current policies and direction including improvements to the city’s infrastructure and noted the importance of upcoming roadway renovation

*From Coast Weakly October 9, 2014:

We recommend adding Bill Peake to the council. A newcomer to both the city and its political landscape, Peake is a retired Chevron engineer who bought a house in the city 25 years ago, but only moved in full time four years ago.

Vacation Homeowner Bill Peak Running For Mayor

P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Casey Lucius For Congress

Moves to P.G. signs on to be city council, wins thinking that everyone loves her, gets the illusion that she can go further, runs for congress and gets trounced, quits and leaves town. Goes back east where she came from to run some odd company.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat P.G. These newcomers keep getting elected but do nothing for the town or its longtime residents.

Can you figure out just what her new job really does?

Her company works with groups, including municipal staffs, state agencies, military personnel, and civil servants, and provides training to empower staffs, develop new leaders, encourage management to think differently about ongoing challenges, in interesting and entertaining ways

P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Assemblyman Visits Pacific Grove

Number one party of fees, bureaucracies and regulations hears cries from downtown businesses about fees, bureaucracies and regulations.

Assemblyman Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley, made a short visit to Pacific Grove on Wednesday to hear the concerns of local business owners at a town hall style meeting. The purpose, said Stone, was to improve the communication lines between the Legislature and local entrepreneurs and business owners.

“One of the biggest concerns that they raised is that they feel that small-business owners have very little voice in Sacramento,” said Stone, noting the majority of complaints he heard centered on fees, bureaucracies and regulations. “They explained some of the issues that they’re facing that make it more difficult for their business and ways they think I can communicate that better in Sacramento.”

Assemblyman Visits Pacific Grove

Want A Mayor That Has More P.G. Experience?

P.G. has had it’s share of mayors with years of bureaucrat experience, here’s a contender that has more years of Pacific Grove experience that most ex-mayors combined.

Keep Calm Almost Miller Time

Dan Miller, 60, said that he believes his six-plus years as
a P.G. city councilman and three years on the city’s planning
commission qualify him to be mayor. “What separates me
from the rest of the council is that I vote with the people of
Pacific Grove’s best interests in mind,” Miller said.

Want A Mayor That Has More P.G. Experience?

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Good luck, you will need it running against Sam the sham, even when you support same sex marriage and abortions.


In a YouTube clip announcing her run, Lucius said voters who are concerned about jobs, water, the environment and national security should support her so “we can create a new beginning.”

In the “Issues” section of her website,, she said she supports gay marriage, is concerned about climate change but wants to limit global spending, supports the Second Amendment and abortion rights in the first six months of a pregnancy.

“On the Central Coast, we have a gang problem, not a gun problem,” her website states.

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress