Two Years After Massive Sewage Spill, MRWPCA Believes Pump Is Fixed

City Councilman Rudy Fischer also serves as Monterey One Water’s chairman of the board. Didn’t know that.

Also, MRWPCA changed it’s name to Monterey One Water sometime after the sewer spill. We have some creative and corporate savvy people there I’d say.

In all, nine pump stations exist in Pacific Grove with seven of them belonging to the city and two, including the one along Ocean View Boulevard, belonging to Monterey One Water.

While Jennifer Gonzalez, engineering manager for Monterey One Water, wasn’t quite as optimistic as Fischer in terms of the project being done by Sunday, she said when it is finished it will provide more reliability.

“We want reliability in all or our pump stations,” said Gonzalez, noting that the pumps need to be operational for the wet weather season, which Monterey One Water considers to officially begin on Suday. The station “is approaching 35- to 40-years-old at this point. Some of the valves have gotten to the end of their useful life.”

Fischer also noted the renovation is in response to the sewage spill that occurred in May of 2015.

Two Years After Massive Sewage Spill, MRWPCA Believes Pump Is Fixed

Rudy Fischer Jumped The Gun – Quits Bid For Mayor

Fischer has lived in PG for 6 years and is on the city council. He hopes to be mayor in 2 more years. Proof that Pacific Grove is becoming a town of transients lead by transients.

In an about-face, Pacific Grove City Councilman Rudy Fischer has decided he won’t run for mayor in the upcoming November election after all.

Fischer said his intentions were never to run against Kampe, simply because of their agreement on many of the city’s current issues and noted that he filed his candidacy papers at a time when Kampe wasn’t yet certain he would run again.

Fischer, who has been a Pacific Grove resident for 6 1/2 years, said he definitely plans to run for mayor in 2018 and said he already has the funds to do so.

Rudy Fischer Jumped The Gun – Quits Bid For Mayor

The Seven Ups


Here’s the list of hopefuls that applied to replace quitter Deborah “Bankrupt” Lindsay, and some comments from their statements.

Richard Ahart – Uses the word “sustainable”. Thinks that allowing more fast food franchises can help bring revenue and then touts several fast food corporations as clients. Says he “has earned the confidence of voters during the last election”. He was dead last, getting fewer votes than David Dilworth, LOL.

Laura Dadiw – “Dadiw Associates . . Headquartered in Pacific Grove” Consultant that works from home. Prioritizes “health and welfare of Pacific Grove youth”. Sounding good until I notice she puts down 93953 as her ZIP Code. That’s Pebble Beach, dummy.

Eric Chad Fonferek – wants to “stimulate business growth” and “raise Pacific Grove’s tourism profile. Thinks that Holman building is a city asset. I thought Nadir owned it.

William Fredrickson – Mechanical Engineer. Wants to work with Moe to bring more tourists to P.G. Might know how to fix the sewers that fill up from said tourists.

Khalil Ibrahim – Arabic teacher. Long list of experiences, none that have to do with being on city council. Offers up nothing to give to the city.

Daniel Miller – 54 year resident. Came in 4th place in last election that put Bankrupt Deb in office at 3rd place.

Rudy Fischer – another misguided person that thinks Moe is “doing a lot to bring new business” and repairing sidewalks will make us walk instead of drive.

The Seven Ups