City Sends Fire Department To "Inspect For Hazards"

And what else I wonder? Untaxed granny units? Six Air BnB rooms in the basement? Pigs and chickens?

PGFD 6414

“We do, on occasion, find issues where people are living in spaces that don’t meet code requirements for permanent human occupancy,” he said. “We do find that once in a while here locally. Not to the degree that the Ghost Ship (building) had, but one life lost is one too many.”

City Sends Fire Department To “Inspect For Hazards”

Carmel Does Not Want To Be Made Fun Of Over Pet Chickens

Mack Pro Chicken

This coming from the town that bans ice cream cones.

At the Oct. 5 meeting, Yateman, a.k.a. “the chicken lady,” reiterated her desire to keep hens because they lay nutritious eggs, are quiet, produce fertilizer, eat bugs “and even in some cases, mice,” make good pets “and are very educational for children,” while having no negative consequences.

“I had two hens many years ago, with absolutely no problems,” she said, adding that The Pine Cone’s weekly police log often contains calls about barking and biting dogs, but “never anything about hens.”

So sympathetic was the audience to her plea, no one made the obvious counter-argument: There have been no complaints about hens because the town hardly has any, while dogs are everywhere.

Carmel Chamber of Commerce CEO Monta Potter said her organization works hard to market Carmel as a sophisticated destination for visitors, and while she did not take a particular position for or against chickens, she commented, “I would hope that we are not made fun of. I think it’s important that we continue to promote ourselves as a sophisticated city.”

Carmel Does Not Want To Be Made Fun Of Over Pet Chickens

Chickens In The News

On Wednesday the City Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance amendment that would allow keeping chickens and other domestic fowl within the city limits.

The amendment to the code will still require that a resident first get a permit from the city manager before chickens may be kept. The permit would only be issued after a finding that the fowl won’t cause a public or private nuisance, or be detrimental to property values, or human health or safety.

Your web administrator here is pro-chicken and did ask every candidate that stopped to talk in last year’s election campaign where they stood in the chicken subject. Surprisingly a few were totally unaware. Tsk.

Chickens In The News

Victory For The Chickens

I’m Pro-chicken. And I Vote!David Polden
David Polden digging for justice.

The P.G. City Council voted Nov. 19 to permit two homeowners to continue to keep chickens on their property as pets despite neighbor complaints they attract flies, are noisy and could harbor disease.

After the chicken owners received over-the-counter permits to keep the poultry, Polden filed an Oct. 29 appeal, citing several concerns.

“I’m worried about the loss of value of my property,” Polden wrote to the city council, “as well as that of everyone living in the town.”

Ultimately, council members agreed, finding that the chickens would not create a property-value issue, or be a threat to health and safety. Councilman Scott Miller dissented and councilwoman Lisa Bennett was absent.

Victory For The Chickens

Phil Bowhay Writes – Chickens In Pacific Grove

Another nice story. Brought back memories when he mentioned donkey baseball played in P.G.

Somewhere along the line I suppose the city passed a law against them, and while not every home had a hen house, most people had fresh eggs. There was a nice sort of cluck cluck from back yards, and a strident cock a doodle doo from a rooster or two.

And speaking of pigeons, you will remember the early days of television when most of the houses in town had spindly aluminum antennas wired to the chimneys. Well, in flew a wave of wild pigeons, big and black, and they roosted on those antennas just long enough to bend or break them, and away they went. All over town, antennas either gone or pointing down!

Ocean View Cablevision was releasing hundreds of pigeons from it’s office/headend on Forest Hill.

Phil Bowhay Writes – Chickens In Pacific Grove

Pet Chickens In P.G?

I’m pro-chicken and I VOTE.

Put it to the test, I asked several candidates where they stood on chickens, after a teen’s pet chickens were suspiciously killed after an AOP (angry old person) protested the kid’s pets.

The Pacific Grove City Council is scheduled to decide at its 6 p.m. meeting today whether to allow a resident to keep two chickens in his yard.

Retired biologist John Pearse of 183 Ocean View Blvd. would like to have the chickens for their eggs and their ability to produce fertilizer, recycle kitchen scraps and eliminate insects from his garden, he wrote in a letter to the city.

Update – The chickens were approved.

Pet Chickens In P.G?

Update! Chickens Get Approved

The Pacific Grove City Council balked at a recommendation to force a woman to give up her two pet hens after chicken supporters flocked to Wednesday’s meeting.

The council voted 6-1 to permit Valerie Landau, 45, and her daughter, Molly McGee, 16, to keep Garbanza, a tan bantam hen, and Lola, a Rhode Island Red, at the 19th Street home they rent. A city animal control officer had recommended against allowing the chickens after neighbors expressed concerns that the birds would attract raccoons to the Lovers Point neighborhood.

Molly said she was relieved she could keep her hens.

“I don’t consider them pets at all. They are my family,” Molly said. “I just hope that you can think of them as my family too. You wouldn’t want to tear my family apart.”

Molly, a student at Monterey High School, and six of her teenage friends brought signs to the meeting to defend the birds. One sign, borne by 16-year-old James Palmer, read “Jesus was a chicken.”

On a sad note, the chickens were killed in a mysterious act of mayhen. The raccoon proof cage was opened and the birds were killed. Gayle Sanborn had no comment..

Update! Chickens Get Approved

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Cranky Neighbor?

What is more hometown like, two pet chickens kept by a teenager or a dog owned by a Carmel mortgage agent?

Two pet hens have a Pacific Grove neighborhood squawking, and it’s up to the City Council to make sure nobody’s feathers get too ruffled.

The council will consider Wednesday whether to let Valerie Landau keep two hens at the 19th Street home she rents. Some neighbors are concerned that the birds will attract raccoons or create a nuisance.

Landau, 45, and her 16-year-old daughter, Molly McGee, keep the birds in the fenced back yard at their home just blocks from Lovers Point in one of the city’s densest neighborhoods.

Landau said the birds make less of a mess than dogs. One hen, a foot-tall Rhode Island Red, is named Lola because she’s a showgirl, Landau said.

The other, a tan bantam, is named Garbanzo, like the bean.

The chickens are like part of the family, and don’t cause allergies like some furry pets, said Molly.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Cranky Neighbor?