Carmel Does Not Want To Be Made Fun Of Over Pet Chickens

Pro Chicken Mack

This coming from the town that bans ice cream cones.

At the Oct. 5 meeting, Yateman, a.k.a. “the chicken lady,” reiterated her desire to keep hens because they lay nutritious eggs, are quiet, produce fertilizer, eat bugs “and even in some cases, mice,” make good pets “and are very educational for children,” while having no negative consequences.

“I had two hens many years ago, with absolutely no problems,” she said, adding that The Pine Cone’s weekly police log often contains calls about barking and biting dogs, but “never anything about hens.”

So sympathetic was the audience to her plea, no one made the obvious counter-argument: There have been no complaints about hens because the town hardly has any, while dogs are everywhere.

Carmel Chamber of Commerce CEO Monta Potter said her organization works hard to market Carmel as a sophisticated destination for visitors, and while she did not take a particular position for or against chickens, she commented, “I would hope that we are not made fun of. I think it’s important that we continue to promote ourselves as a sophisticated city.”

Carmel Does Not Want To Be Made Fun Of Over Pet Chickens