Victory For The Chickens

I’m Pro-chicken. And I Vote!
David Polden Picking
David Polden digging for evidence.

The P.G. City Council voted Nov. 19 to permit two homeowners to continue to keep chickens on their property as pets despite neighbor complaints they attract flies, are noisy and could harbor disease.

After the chicken owners received over-the-counter permits to keep the poultry, Polden filed an Oct. 29 appeal, citing several concerns.

“I’m worried about the loss of value of my property,” Polden wrote to the city council, “as well as that of everyone living in the town.”

Ultimately, council members agreed, finding that the chickens would not create a property-value issue, or be a threat to health and safety. Councilman Scott Miller dissented and councilwoman Lisa Bennett was absent.

Victory For The Chickens