Phil Bowhay Writes – Chickens In Pacific Grove

Pro Chicken Mack

Another nice story. Brought back memories when he mentioned donkey baseball played in P.G.

Somewhere along the line I suppose the city passed a law against them, and while not every home had a hen house, most people had fresh eggs. There was a nice sort of cluck cluck from back yards, and a strident cock a doodle doo from a rooster or two.

And speaking of pigeons, you will remember the early days of television when most of the houses in town had spindly aluminum antennas wired to the chimneys. Well, in flew a wave of wild pigeons, big and black, and they roosted on those antennas just long enough to bend or break them, and away they went. All over town, antennas either gone or pointing down!

Ocean View Cablevision was releasing hundreds of pigeons from it’s office/headend on Forest Hill.

Phil Bowhay Writes – Chickens In Pacific Grove