Why Did The Chicken Cross The Cranky Neighbor?

What is more hometown like, two pet chickens kept by a teenager or a dog owned by a Carmel mortgage agent?

Two pet hens have a Pacific Grove neighborhood squawking, and it’s up to the City Council to make sure nobody’s feathers get too ruffled.

The council will consider Wednesday whether to let Valerie Landau keep two hens at the 19th Street home she rents. Some neighbors are concerned that the birds will attract raccoons or create a nuisance.

Landau, 45, and her 16-year-old daughter, Molly McGee, keep the birds in the fenced back yard at their home just blocks from Lovers Point in one of the city’s densest neighborhoods.

Landau said the birds make less of a mess than dogs. One hen, a foot-tall Rhode Island Red, is named Lola because she’s a showgirl, Landau said.

The other, a tan bantam, is named Garbanzo, like the bean.

The chickens are like part of the family, and don’t cause allergies like some furry pets, said Molly.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Cranky Neighbor?