Politics And Pigs Par For P.G.

Pet owners looking for pro pig politician.

The Pacific Grove candidates forum provided a mix of pigs and politics Thursday night at the recreation center when Bruiser the pet pig showed up with his family, the Hanes.
The Hanes family handed out Hershey Kisses and Hugs from Bruiser to forum goers and had a bright pink poster reading #SaveBruiser on display.

“We have a lot of confidence that hopefully we are going to win this appeal, we’ve been pleading with the city again, and again, to say please change this, let us keep him,” Lisa Hanes said.

Politics And Pigs Par For P.G.

Pork Payments Piling Up

Ray Magsalay cites odor but I think it’s just intolerance.

Bruiser, the pot-bellied pig that was booted out of his Pacific Grove home, has yet to actually leave. That’s despite his owners Lisa and Mark Hanes being ordered to relinquish their beloved pet.

Instead, the Hanes continue to hope things change as fees to keep Bruiser while they wait for an appeal continue to escalate. Since August 22, the Hanes have had to pay a fine of $50 a day. On Tuesday that fee escalates to $500 a day.

Pork Payments Piling Up

Bruiser's Owners Take To Social Media

P.G. Demands Bookface posts removed. Is the city’s Bookface page by the city and they don’t know how to remove/ban/block opinions it does not agree with?

While the Hanes family appeals this decision, Lisa found and posted emails between Pacific Grove city employees on the city’s Facebook page that she says”Let’s the community know what’s really going on.”

Hanes says she will not remove the posts from the city’s Facebook page as she’s not legally obligated to and because of the support she’s gotten from them. Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe told KION that no further action by the city will be taken in regards to the posts. Pending an appeal, the family has till August 20th to relocate Bruiser the Pig out of the city.

Bruiser’s Owners Take To Social Media

And This Little Piggie Gets Evicted From P.G.

Homeless Pig

P.G. is famous for stories about fussy neighbors. Could be chickens, wind chimes or the assumed ownership of the street parking spaces.

Lisa claims her neighbor tried to sabotage their efforts to keep their pig. even photoshopping feces into pictures of their backyard to use against them. After more complaints, yesterday the city yesterday decided the pig must be moved outside the city and the family must pay the city nearly 500 dollars in administrative costs. The Hanes family is appealing the decision.

And This Little Piggie Gets Evicted From P.G.