Great News! Holman Building Residences Sold Out

To part time visitors. For millions of dollars. Tax the smack on them.

Holmans 20190914

“We have been releasing them by floor,” Ruiz said. “Everything is sold except for the  fourth floor and one unit on the third floor.”
Prices will set records for Pacific Grove condos, with fourth-floor units ranging from $2,049,000 for a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath unit to $2,495,000 for a three-bedroom, two and-a-half-bath condo. Ruiz said that 85 percent of the sales have been to people who want to use the condos as their second homes.

Great News! Holman Building Residences Sold Out

Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss

and… “Calculator.”

In a lengthy Facebook blog post, a California woman recently explained her horror story with an Airbnb guest who allegedly left behind thousands of dollars in damage and — according to the homeowner — may have been running an adult business from the house.

When the homeowner returned to survey the damage, she entered Vera’s room and noticed a number of things that set off her something’s-wrong-dar.

“I noticed that there was a handbag with only condoms in it,” she tells CBS, but her blog post includes more explicit details, like the sex toy left out in the open. Those alone may be found in the private rooms of countless women and aren’t really evidence of any illicit business.

However, the homeowner also found what appears to be a checklist of photos or videos that Vera needed to shoot, like “Masturbating Vid,” “Bent Over A**/White Thigh Highs,” and… “Calculator.”

Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss

Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

Wha wha what? The very leaders the residents elect and the goofus Moammar have all been working hard to bring tourists to the town. Suddenly the town is becoming popular with visitors and people are all mad about it?

Why act so surprised? First there was the come-heres buying up all the funky rental houses, they remodeled them and stayed in them for a few weeks a year. Now they are renting them out to total strangers they find on the Internets.

Be careful what you ask for, tax loving P.G. politicians. You may get something slightly different than you wanted.

The program has been around for the last five years, but in the last year the city has seen an explosion in requests for short-term rental licenses.

Longtime Pacific Grove resident Thom Akeman has owned his home for 27 years, and he said thanks to sites like Airbnb his street has taken a turn for the worse.

“The last year it’s ceased to be residential, very few people live on this street because the short-term rentals that started about five years ago just in the last year went crazy,” said Akeman.

Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

And 27 years for the tree posse sheriff? He’s still a come here.

Mail Getting Stolen In Beach Tract

Mail piles up when no one checks the box every day. Sing of the times when so many homes are weekend occupied or short term rentals.

The warning came after postal authorities recovered mail that apparently was stolen from the 900 to 1200 blocks of Shell, Surf, Egan, Crest, Ripple and Balboa avenues between February and this month.

Postal officials returned the recovered mail and informed police this week, said police Cmdr. John P. Miller.

Police advised the public to not leave mail in an unsecured mail box for long periods of time and, if taking an extended trip to have the postal service temporarily suspend delivery.

Miller said it wasn’t clear what kinds of mail were stolen. “We don’t know if it was if it was bills or just junk mail,” he said.

Mail Getting Stolen In Beach Tract

Love Them Short Term Rental People

Part time dweller meets short term dwellers on a bad note.

Pacific Grove: Female reported she is the owner of an Ocean View Boulevard condo which she inhabits part time. Some of the other units are being rented as short-term rentals. She stated over the past six days, there have been three separate incidents  involving short-term rental guests.


She stated on Aug. 16, she found a young boy standing in her living room, an unknown man was pounding on her door during the nighttime hours on Aug. 19, and another unknown man entered her dwelling on Aug. 21 by mistake, thinking it was his rental unit.


She does not feel safe in her residence due to the quantity of people coming and going from the property as a result of the rental status. She requested matters be documented for information only, as she will also be notifying the city council.

Love Them Short Term Rental People

Mayor’s Agenda – Redevelop Apartments Into Weekender Condos

Every politician seems to have an agenda that is not revealed when campaigning. Better name is 7 Morons.
Tic Ommons Moron Manor

It’s called Oceans 7 and gives an impressive presentation from the sidewalk through its broad, open-ended, open-to-the-sky walkway separating the two parts of the two-story building (one side numbered 2-6, the other, 1-7) that are united by patterns made by the mid-century-modern stairway railings. Their clean lines criss-cross as they curve around the landings, recalling the optical rhythms of 1950s functional sculpture. A subdued little square of a garden atop a platform on the far side of the courtyard has a small, glazed spherical fountain with water lazily covering its whole shape.

Mayor’s Agenda – Redevelop Apartments Into Weekender Condos