Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

Wha wha what? The very leaders the residents elect and the goofus Moammar have all been working hard to bring tourists to the town. Suddenly the town is becoming popular with visitors and people are all mad about it?

Why act so surprised? First there was the come-heres buying up all the funky rental houses, they remodeled them and stayed in them for a few weeks a year. Now they are renting them out to total strangers they find on the Internets.

Be careful what you ask for, tax loving P.G. politicians. You may get something slightly different than you wanted.

The program has been around for the last five years, but in the last year the city has seen an explosion in requests for short-term rental licenses.

Longtime Pacific Grove resident Thom Akeman has owned his home for 27 years, and he said thanks to sites like Airbnb his street has taken a turn for the worse.

“The last year it’s ceased to be residential, very few people live on this street because the short-term rentals that started about five years ago just in the last year went crazy,” said Akeman.

Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

And 27 years for the tree posse sheriff? He’s still a come here.

Tourist Goes Arse Over Tit, Cuts ‘Er Bonce

Don’t know why the tourist’s nationality matters. Credit for British Slang

An 82-year-old woman visiting from England hit her head and was knocked unconscious when she fell on the rocks at Lovers Point on Tuesday morning.

The woman was bleeding from a “significant head injury” sustained from the fall when paramedics arrived on scene, according to emergency personnel. She had regained consciousness by the time she was transported by ambulance to Natividad Medical Center’s trauma center in Salinas to treat her injuries.

Tourist Goes Arse Over Tit, Cuts Bonce