Great News! Holman Building Residences Sold Out

To part time visitors. For millions of dollars. Tax the smack on them.

Holmans 20190914

“We have been releasing them by floor,” Ruiz said. “Everything is sold except for the  fourth floor and one unit on the third floor.”
Prices will set records for Pacific Grove condos, with fourth-floor units ranging from $2,049,000 for a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath unit to $2,495,000 for a three-bedroom, two and-a-half-bath condo. Ruiz said that 85 percent of the sales have been to people who want to use the condos as their second homes.

Great News! Holman Building Residences Sold Out

P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Casey Lucius For Congress

Moves to P.G. signs on to be city council, wins thinking that everyone loves her, gets the illusion that she can go further, runs for congress and gets trounced, quits and leaves town. Goes back east where she came from to run some odd company.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat P.G. These newcomers keep getting elected but do nothing for the town or its longtime residents.

Can you figure out just what her new job really does?

Her company works with groups, including municipal staffs, state agencies, military personnel, and civil servants, and provides training to empower staffs, develop new leaders, encourage management to think differently about ongoing challenges, in interesting and entertaining ways

P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Highway 68 Tour By A Hack Frisco Writer

Awful whiny story. Calls El Camino Real “The 101” like some sort of LA type. And the pesticides that get into schools – well who builds schools next to a toxic vegetable field?

CA SR 68

I started my own journey at the head of 68, Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds, where rooms were running almost $300 a night. The highway took me first through Pacific Grove, a prosperous village (low unemployment, a median house price north of $700,000, little poverty). I had to turn right to stay on 68 near the gate to 17 Mile Drive, which takes you to world-renowned resorts.

Then I turned northeast, as 68 joined up with Highway 1 for 2 miles, before splitting again near Seaside, not far from where Tesla Motors plans to open a new sales center

On my own drive, I reached Salinas and followed Highway 68 past Salinas High and through downtown to where it ended at the 101.

In Salinas, there is resentment toward the other end of Highway 68. Some ask why Monterey environmentalists don’t fight as hard against pesticides that get into Salinas schools as they do against coastal development. Others complain that Monterey is a magnet for jobs, which relegates Salinas to serving as a place for people who can’t afford to live near their work on the peninsula.

Highway 68 Tour By A Hack Frisco Writer