Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches

Sea Lion Population Triples

More orcas and sharks will quickly follow. Thanks Thom Ache-man

But all the sea lions have caused problems.

They have broken docks and sunk boats at marinas. They have vexed salmon fishermen, following their boats and eating valuable fish off their lines.

“With some fishing days seeing as few as five to 10 fish, a commercial fisherman can still make money with 10 fish if they are $10 per pound, but if you’re losing them to sea lions that can have a major effect,” said John McManus, executive director of the Golden Gate Salmon Association in San Francisco.

Sea Lion Population Triples

Newcomer Akeman Wants Less Newcomers

I felt the same way 30 years ago when Ache-man the news reporter moved here and wrote articles and later an instruction manual for moving to the area. The man does not realize he’s been part of the problem all along,

Tom Acheman

“There are times it’s like living in an airport terminal,” Thom Akeman says of the sounds of rolling luggage and loud voices of vacationers on his street located near downtown. Akeman served on a subcommittee that advised the city before last year’s revision, but he says residents’ concerns were not adequately considered.

Newcomer Akeman Wants Less Newcomers

Newcomer Ache-man Reports On Seals

Ex Tree Posse now seal posse reports on The Warm Blob.

Hungry Alien Sharks

Akeman and wife Kim monitor the seals year round and they’ve said the seals had a rough season in 2015.

Warm water temperatures from El Nino and the warm blob drove food sources farther out to sea last year. Seals starved to death and some had trouble during the pupping season.

“There have been a lot of shark bites we’ve seen on seals. This is their favorite food and some may have disappeared but we have seen a lot of survivors,” he said.

Newcomer Ache-man Reports On Seals

Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

Wha wha what? The very leaders the residents elect and the goofus Moammar have all been working hard to bring tourists to the town. Suddenly the town is becoming popular with visitors and people are all mad about it?

Why act so surprised? First there was the come-heres buying up all the funky rental houses, they remodeled them and stayed in them for a few weeks a year. Now they are renting them out to total strangers they find on the Internets.

Be careful what you ask for, tax loving P.G. politicians. You may get something slightly different than you wanted.

The program has been around for the last five years, but in the last year the city has seen an explosion in requests for short-term rental licenses.

Longtime Pacific Grove resident Thom Akeman has owned his home for 27 years, and he said thanks to sites like Airbnb his street has taken a turn for the worse.

“The last year it’s ceased to be residential, very few people live on this street because the short-term rentals that started about five years ago just in the last year went crazy,” said Akeman.

Pacific Grove Residents Turn Against The Tourists

And 27 years for the tree posse sheriff? He’s still a come here.

Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin' Susan

P.G. Newcomer Akeman has a new calling against humans – watching seals and blocking access to the beach.

Tom Acheman

I may not know all the definitions of vigilante, but I believe Susan Goldbeck used the term erroneously in a guest commentary in Thursday’s Herald. She was concerned about efforts to protect harbor seals and the babies they have each spring on Pacific Grove beaches.

The city applied its policy this month when the first baby seal in known history was born at Lovers Point. After mom and pup were spotted on Sunday morning, city police asked Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Bay Net docents to provide a human presence at Lovers Point. Public Works brought barricades and yellow tape; the Marine Mammal Center brought signs.

Ex Tree Posse Turned Seal Posse Responds To Losin’ Susan

Humans Or Seals, Who Is Allowed To Block Access To The Beach?

The opposition is watching Losin’ Susan move signs . .

It is curious the city of Pacific Grove, which appears to have a back door role in all this controversy, must have had a decided change of heart regarding marine mammals.

The city’s solution to keeping all marine mammals off Lovers Point Beach just a few years ago was to bang pots and pans to frighten them away. Now it seems we need to keep the public off the beaches if so much as one mother and pup venture into those areas.

Even Lovers Point Beach was recently closed after one mama seal appeared on the beach with her pup. It was mighty cute, yes, but the public was denied access to the beach and beach-related businesses were adversely affected.

Humans Or Seals, Who Is Allowed To Block Access To The Beach?

Seals At Hopkins

The number of elephant seals on Hopkins beaches peaks during spring molting season and in the fall. The fall seals are mostly young males that are probably avoiding mature males at the larger breeding rookeries, Pearse said.

During mating season, male elephant seals, called bulls, engage in fierce fights for territory and access to a harem of females.

In November, Akeman observed a large bull at Hopkins chase, mount and bloody a female seal before she escaped into the water. The frustrated lover later tried to mount younger male elephant seals on the beach and chased some harbor seals away.

The bully bull seal needs a name, lets call him Tomm.

Seals At Hopkins

Decriminalizing Tree Removal – Thom's Tree Posse Loses Their Badges

Killer tree

A revised tree ordinance that would do away with criminal penalties could come before the Pacific Grove City Council for approval next spring.

The ordinance would offer incentives for property owners to plant and maintain trees and would allow private property owners to pay to trim city trees.

Decriminalizing Tree Removal – Thom’s Tree Posse Loses Their Badges

Tree Ordinance Sent Back To Morons

Admin was recently sent a postcard about a missing tree or two. But it’s missing the target like so many other things the city aims at. The letter is addressed to “Homeowner” at the intended address. Nice gesture, but the homeowner does not live there.


The ordinance was last reviewed 4½ years ago, said committee Vice Chairman Thom Akeman, and the current version was adopted by the City Council in September 2007.

Resident Georgia Booth, who was issued a tree removal permit and crossed swords with Akeman during his compliance inspection of her property last fall, said she has found two versions of the ordinance online, with strikeouts and additions. Others who attended the committee meeting said they didn’t have computers in their homes and needed printed copies.

Tree Ordinance Sent Back To Morons