Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss

and… “Calculator.”

In a lengthy Facebook blog post, a California woman recently explained her horror story with an Airbnb guest who allegedly left behind thousands of dollars in damage and — according to the homeowner — may have been running an adult business from the house.

When the homeowner returned to survey the damage, she entered Vera’s room and noticed a number of things that set off her something’s-wrong-dar.

“I noticed that there was a handbag with only condoms in it,” she tells CBS, but her blog post includes more explicit details, like the sex toy left out in the open. Those alone may be found in the private rooms of countless women and aren’t really evidence of any illicit business.

However, the homeowner also found what appears to be a checklist of photos or videos that Vera needed to shoot, like “Masturbating Vid,” “Bent Over A**/White Thigh Highs,” and… “Calculator.”

Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss