Monterey Against STRs

Second paragraph here – Greed they call it.

AirBB Poop

To thwart homeowners from renting out their houses for short periods of time and consequently taking them off the market for long-term renters, the Monterey City Council is continuing its beefed-up enforcement of its short-term rental ban.

The short-term rental industry in Monterey sprung from owners of second or third homes renting out the houses for vacationers and others for a price they could never charge long-term renters.

Monterey Against STRs

Pacific Grove’s Residents Launch Project To Limit Short Term Rentals

Get out and sign that petition then remember to VOTE!
Check the neighbor’s website for some eye popping maps showing just how much of the town is being marketed to non residents.

Yes On M

Pacific Grove residents concerned about vacation rentals disrupting their neighborhoods have proposed a ballot initiative to keep the commercial operations out of their residential zones. A new public action committee, Pacific Grove Neighbors United, will be asking voters to stop the short-term rentals the city has allowed despite scores of complaints from impacted neighbors.

The group will host a campaign kick-off party to start a signature drive and every PG voter interested in signing; helping with the campaign or just seeking information is welcome to attend. The party will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, January 20, in Jewell Park, corner of Central and Forest Avenues.

Signature gatherers will soon spread out to the Post Office, the farmers’ market, grocery stores, and local events and even door to door in the drive that needs 1,000 valid voter signatures to get the initiative on the November, 2018 ballot.

Pacific Grove’s Residents Launch Project To Limit Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Apps To Collect Taxes

Should also collect licensing fees and share the profits with inconvenienced neighbors.

“We wanted to enter into an agreement with Airbnb because they’re the biggest platform in the vacation rental market,” said Pacific Grove City Manager Ben Harvey. “What this will do is require anybody who is renting (a short-term rental) through Airbnb to remit the (transient occupancy tax) at the time they book their rental with Airbnb collecting it at that time.”

As agreed upon, Airbnb will collect transient occupancy tax for every listing in Pacific Grove’s 93950 zip code

Short Term Rental Apps To Collect Taxes

Collect More Taxes Or Keep P.G. Neighborhoods For Neighbors?

Come-here spend-more politicians say more taxes will solve everything.

Kampe called the argument that STRs are the cause of a lack of affordable housing “nonsense.” He said the real problem is vacant second homes, something the city has no control over.

Kampe and three other council members said they would favor keeping the STR license program, but with limitations like capping the total number of licenses, the number of nights, and other aspects. One council member, Rudy Fischer, was absent.

Only one council member, Robert Huitt, said he believes STRs violate residential zoning ordinances and should be phased out.

Collect More Taxes Or Keep P.G. Neighborhoods For Neighbors?

Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss

and… “Calculator.”

In a lengthy Facebook blog post, a California woman recently explained her horror story with an Airbnb guest who allegedly left behind thousands of dollars in damage and — according to the homeowner — may have been running an adult business from the house.

When the homeowner returned to survey the damage, she entered Vera’s room and noticed a number of things that set off her something’s-wrong-dar.

“I noticed that there was a handbag with only condoms in it,” she tells CBS, but her blog post includes more explicit details, like the sex toy left out in the open. Those alone may be found in the private rooms of countless women and aren’t really evidence of any illicit business.

However, the homeowner also found what appears to be a checklist of photos or videos that Vera needed to shoot, like “Masturbating Vid,” “Bent Over A**/White Thigh Highs,” and… “Calculator.”

Air BNB Rental Adds Up To Loss

Short Term Rentals A Burglar’s Delight

Do all Airbnb customers rifle through your mail other personal items? Or just burglars pretending to be looking for place to stay?

The thief had walked up to the house and rang the doorbell at 6 p.m. Tuesday, police said. When no one answered the door, she began snatching mail from a mailbox.

The woman was surprised when the homeowner’s voice came through an intercom.

“Can I help you?” the homeowner asked to make the woman realize she was being watched.

“Oh! I’m sorry I think I have the wrong address. Is this a Airbnb place?” the thief replied.

Short Term Rentals A Burglar’s Delight