City Reveals It’s Checkbook

Took some searching through the city website schlock but found it. Go here: Pacific Grove / Annual ( Then scroll down to Data, where it defaults to Summary Table and finally click Check Register. You’ll have to scroll to the right to get to the good information, and maybe click on a column divider to widen the cells enough to read. But hey, that’s what we get when there’s no schlock.

City councilman Luke Coletti proposed that city hall publish the monthly check register so taxpayers can easily see how much the city spends monthly on things like pension costs, water and power expenses, reimbursement to city employees and many other things.
Coletti, who was elected in November 2020, made a campaign promise to “establish policies and programs that ensure fiscal transparency and public access.” City staffers agreed to publish the information. “It’s a total no-brainer as far as I’m concerned,” he told The Pine Cone about city hall’s release of the check register. “Carmel, as well as many other local jurisdictions and agencies, have been releasing their registers for years. Pacific Grove used to — a long time ago — and I wanted to reestablish the practice,” Coletti said.

City Reveals It’s Checkbook

Brewpubs Are The New Bistro

I did not note where this newsbit came from – it’s atrocious. Probably written by Moe after an orgasm while sampling a brew.

economy is America takes a downturn

Hambrook’s Auction next door to Pier 1 has already closed its doors. The auction house was in business for almost five decades.
Almost 5 decades? 40 years ago I was buying furniture from McMahons.

there were no pubs at all until 2018 when the Monarch Pub opened.
Try 1970s Forest Hill, Fairway Center. Pizza Pub

A brewpub is big news for Pacific Grove, well known for remaining a temperance town long after the ratification of the 21st amendment. Until 1968 Pacgrovians couldn’t buy a beer in town and there were no pubs at all until 2018 when the Monarch Pub opened.

The downtown is going through a period of change. Several storefronts are vacant as the retail economy is America takes a downturn. This month Pier 1 announced it is closing 450 of its stores nationwide, including the one on Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove. For some, it is the end of an era.

“We got excited because it was Pier 1 right on main street,” said Pier 1 shopper Connie Thompson.

Thompson said she is sad to see the storefront close. Ammar said in the case of the Pacific Grove store it came down to lease negotiations not sales.

“It’s financially viable they were just not prepared to sign the lease,” said Ammar about lease negotiations between Pier 1 and its landlord.

Hambrook’s Auction next door to Pier 1 has already closed its doors. The auction house was in business for almost five decades. The owner plans to renovate the space into an event center, a first for downtown Pacific Grove.

Brewpubs Are The New Bistro

S.F. Chronicle Schlocks Pacific Grove

Credited to a Mark C. Anderson. Is that one and the same as the editor of the Coast Weakly? Must be why the list of places to leave money at looks like an accounts receivable for ads roster from the same tabloid.

Check this one out – the expert flubs the location in the article. Where is Grove Avenue any way?

Arm thyself for a picnic on the water at Grove Market and Pavel’s Backerei, two institutions that sit opposite each other on classic small-town drive Grove Avenue. Deli sandwiches, fine cheeses and classic counter service beckon at the timeless neighborhood market; celebrated chocolate-bellied croissants, superior breads and cream-cheese danishes await at Pavel’s, if they haven’t sold out.

S.F. Chronicle Schlocks Pacific Grove

Schlock Report: P.G. Business Improvement District Website

Creation Date of September 9, 2011 by a local it seems.

Took this screen grab on January 14, 2014 after seeing the link somewhere. Above the fold is OK. Postcard view of the beach at dusk. Not necessary downtown or teaming with business but one of the top draws to P.G.

Below the fold – better than average schlock when the proofreader has the night off:
PG BID Loremipsum

Event Calendar. Not much happening this month.
PG BID Events

Well, what about next month? When is Feast Of Lanterns?

Move on, nothing to see there. Not much either on the business listings page. Though I think that is does provide a summary of the downtown businesses in 12 lines.

Perhaps that dead link to Member Log In prevents anyone from putting content on that listings page

Activities and Things To Do. Six activities and seven things to do there. 2 of the things to do are actually in P.G.

That link to Photos next to the tiny Monarch goes nowhere.

The over-produced and failure at content kind of mirrors the whole effort of promoting Pacific Grove as a worthy destination full of fun and excitement. A big 8 out of 10 on the schlock meter.

Schlock Report: P.G. Business Improvement District Website

Web Tool To Bring More Art Galleries To P.G.

4 years after the search for less schlock we now have this one.

Open Counter

Kurt Overmeyer, city economic development manager, said the tool helps people scope out business opportunities and has a wealth of information about policies and programs.

OpenCounter brings “easy online experience — and cost advantages — to City Hall,” a city press release said.

Other Anti-Schlock Cyber-P.G. sites:

Mr Overmeyers’s own – some kind of business community workshop schlock with documents to download that will choke a DSL connection.

The Pacific Grove Mobile app, featuring a tool to snitch on people feeding sea gulls.

Moe’s Chamber Of Commerce where every failed enterprise was once “the best thing to happen to P.G.”

Pacific Grove Business Improvement District a site that appears to be perpetually under construction.

The Wine Walk With Art (url now dead, available at Go Daddy!) where wining gallery owners discussed the business with little knowledge that it was view able by the public.

Web Tool To Bring More Art Galleries To P.G.

Pacific Grove, The Mobile App In The News

Coast Weakly woke up about the clunky Pacific Grove App. Most of the flaws featured at it’s launch are being ironed out, but still pretty schlocky.

PG App Error Sorry

Officials say it’s the first city-sponsored app in Monterey County, with features like a Shop & Dine section with contact info and map directions, current weather conditions and the ability to contact city officials with a touch of the screen. Users can report issues like graffiti and defunct traffic lights, with the option to include pics, audio and video as evidence.

The P.G. app, which costs the city $300 per month, was developed by MyCommunityMobile. The company has developed similar apps for the cities of Viejo, Mendota, Needles and others.

Pacific Grove, The Mobile App In The News

Schlock Websites For Everyone!

Who says the city council does not do enough for us – a business was born from an off the cuff remark. Four Stars, check it out.

Cheap Websites At, a recession era startup inspired by a City of Pacific Grove councilwoman’s remark that websites created by volunteers are schlocky, announced a “49 Buck Special.” Bobby Joe, the company’s head website designer, said, “We don’t volunteer for nothing but we create schlocky sites real cheap. For a limited time we will give folks a web page for only 49 bucks and we even throw in a free domain name and free hosting for one month. If folks want to continue after the first month, we’ll give them an additional 11 months of hosting for only 11 bucks.”

Schlock Websites For Everyone!

P.G. Library Still Needs Funds. Let’s Blow $40,000 On A Web Site

And sustainable kook Deborah “Bankrupt” Lindsay calls volunteer websites “schlock”. Some sites might be schlock, but only a schmo would buy a website to mislead tourists to visit our drek ghost town.

Library Book Drop

Pacific Grove will spend nearly $40,000 on a new website the city says will draw more tourists downtown and bolster business.

Though the Pacific Grove City Council went back and forth on the issue at the Jan.20 meeting, council members ultimately approved a resolution authorizing the city to spend $39,950 on a new website.

P.G. Library Still Needs Funds. Let’s Blow $40,000 On A Web Site