Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

LHA Starbucks

The closed KFC on Lighthouse Avenue in New Monterey has been transformed into Starbucks and Pacific Grove’s MoeAmmar sent out a message that there are P.G. coffee sellers that are superior to the mega coffee chain.

Shirt-for-hire wants us all to know that P.G. offers up coffee that costs more, is less convenient and has fewer choices than Starbucks.

The new Starbucks has a drive through, coffee that is cheaper, open for business when people want it and stands a less chance of being pooped on by gulls. No wonder P.G. fails to attract tourist dollars.

In reaction to a new multi-million dollar Monterey Starbucks opening less than 400 feet from its border, the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce took an advertisement in Wednesday’s Herald declaring its “preferred coffee shops.”

Starbucks is not on the list and Thursday the chamber will launch a marketing campaign to highlight its smaller, independent coffee shops.

“My mission is to educate and remind our residents and our businesses there are, at least, nine, 10 places where you can have coffee that, to me, is better than Starbucks,” chamber president Moe Ammar said.

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

City Takes A Step Back Toward Gull Poo Problem

Check the KSBW video – the news reporter is at the same place I was recently. Add that to the shocking turn from trying to shoo the gulls away to cutting off the attraction by covering the trash around town, something that has been preaching for years.

Was Moe heard describing the trash can covers as “the best thing ever to happen in P.G.”?

The city’s public works department is experimenting with a new type of trash can to see if it can perturb the influx of gulls.

“Without a doubt, it is working. The seagulls cannot penetrate it and go down and pick up the food,” said Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce president Moe Ammar.

The city is looking to retrofit all trash cans on the recreational trail with the new can style to get rid of gulls, but officials said residents also need to stop feeding the birds.

City officials said without an active food source, the gulls will hopefully go elsewhere.

The city is planning to power-wash the sidewalks the first two weeks of June. The runoff water will be collected and sent to the local pollution control agency.

City Takes A Step Back Toward Gull Poo Problem

Moe Holds Seagull Summit

Is the Mercedes getting dirty from bird poo these days?
poo at chamber

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said there is no immediate solution to the stinky situation, but in response, a Seagull Summit is being held at 8:30 a.m. Friday in Jewel Park. The summit will include a panel of experts.

Business owners said the city needs to roll up its sleeves and clean up the sea birds’ mess because pedestrians’ shoes are tracking gull droppings into local restaurants and creating a potential health hazard.

Hey business owners, you are required to clean the sidewalks outside your store.

Moe Holds Seagull Summit

Le Normandie Ihors de l’entreprise

Kick ’em while they are down..

le Normandie

Le Normandie in Pacific Grove abruptly shut down two weeks ago, leaving many in the community confused as to why.

The Lighthouse Avenue restaurant in the Holman Building was owned by Christine and Francis Richard — previous owners of now- shuttered Chez Christine in Carmel and Bistro Christine in Monterey — and family friend Nancy Lewis.

“We’re done opening restaurants,” Christine Richard said Thursday. “… I’ve had it.”

Landlord Nadir Agha (who knows a thing or two about lies)

Agha said he made the decision to kick out the owners after he said he found out Christine Richard was lying about the sale of her mother’s home in France — money she allegedly told him she would use to buy the restaurant.

“She still owes us the $40,000,

Here’s a Moe Quote to add to the list of Stupid Things Moe Says:

Ammar believes the Richards are unethical and said in his 20 years with the chamber he has not witnessed “such bad business dealings” as he has with the pair.

Le Normandie Ihors de l’entreprise

Downtown Struggles While It’s Crossroads Undergo “Beautification”

Pavels, Grove Market, PG Florist all are losing customers and Moe Ammar says “This is the best thing that’s happened since I’ve been here, period!”.
Baghdad Moe

The main intersection of downtown Pacific Grove, Forest and Lighthouse, is blocked because of a safety and beautification project and will be closed until April 8, causing significant business losses for even very popular stores near the intersection as shoppers avoid the area because they’re worried they won’t be able to get through or find a place to park.

downtown ditch

My question is how will this bit of concrete mix with the five different sidewalk styles that exist at the intersection?

You have exposed aggregate

There’s a diamond pattern (my personal favorite)

A five squares from store to curb pattern

Another side has three squares from store to curb.

And a real brick veneer
brick veneer

Downtown Struggles While It’s Crossroads Undergo “Beautification”

Without Moe, What Would We Do?

Dont Buy American

Bio article in the Hear-Old

The only thing more constant than fog in Pacific Grove is Moe Ammar.

The 56-year-old has outlasted six city managers, five police chiefs, seven mayors and dozens of other chamber executives in neighboring communities.

“I’ll stay as long as I’m wanted,” he said two weeks ago while eating at Vivolo’s Chowder House. “I want to serve this special community that has embraced me.”

Baghdad Moe

Lets all embrace the stupid things Moe says

October 10, 1998 – Moe comments on the community Christmas Tree “That’s got to be the ugliest tree I’ve ever seen,”

February 4, 2008 – Moe compares the blighted transient serving P.G. of now with the former city of homes and families. “We’re about the same as we were 50 years ago,” Moe says.

April 7, 2006 Moe responds to a tasteless “get naked” weight loss ad and a nude girl on a skateboard ad in the Good Old Days tabloid. “There was nothing about it that jumped out at me at first,”

February 25, 2009 – Lighthouse Avenue closes so AT$T can film a commercial “It was the best thing that happened to P.G. this year”

July 16, 2009 – Moe praises Cal Am Water and proudly states he does not buy American cars Moe Ammar, who praised the German-owned corporation: “Cal Am has been a good neighbor, a good corporate citizen. That is why I drive a Mercedes Benz instead of a GM.”

October 29, 2009 – Moe is shocked that not everyone that visits P.G. can afford to eat at overpriced bistros. “I actually heard some tourists talking one day and they said: ‘Instead of going to Fandango, let’s grab some sandwiches at the farmers market,’”

March 11, 2010 – Moe likens coming to an agreement with the Farmers Market to a sexual experience. “We all had orgasms! It was heavenly,” P.G. Chamber of Commerce Moe Ammar jokes.

April 27, 2010 – Moe discusses anti depression through the pimping the town. “We need it in this economy so many unemployed people and with all the depression.

June 13, 2010 – Seeing a pattern? Every Moe scheme is the “greatest thing evar” Moe Ammar believes the U.S. Open will be “the greatest thing that could happen” to the local economy.

April 10, 2011 – A zoo with no animals, just a pack of hucksters. “We have top-name bands and entertainment. Look at downtown on Lighthouse. It’s a zoo.”

April 29, 2011 – Acknowledges the blight he puts up in the name of attracting tourists. “While the sign is ugly,” Ammar concedes, “it does attract people.”

February 22, 2013 – Totally unnecessary street cosmetics kill businesses – greatest thing evar! Pavels, Grove Market, PG Florist all are losing customers and Moe Ammar says “This is the best thing that’s happened since I’ve been here, period!”.

Without Moe, What Would We Do?

Patrick’s Consignment Store Closes After 24 Years

Can’t afford the rent. But Moammar Has the money to reopen another thrift shop on the same property and continue his quest to be the Central Ave Gateway to P.G.

Dont Buy American

“The recession hit and I could slowly see our numbers start to decrease, and whereas we were averaging a 1,000 to 1,500 a day. I mean we were having 30 dollar days, 15 dollar days,” explained Strauch.

And that wasn’t going to be enough to pay for her $4,500 a month rent. After negotiations with her landlord didn’t work out, there was no other choice but to close. It was news longtime customers didn’t take lightly.

Patrick’s Conignment Store Closes After 24 Years

Country Club Gate Center Sold

pacific groove

“This is a great piece of news,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. “People are still investing in commercial real estate.”

Ammar said he understands ROIC plans to operate and manage the center.

Moe, stay away from Forest Hill. I don’t want all the stores to turn to resale shops and overpriced restaurants.

Country Club Gate Center Sold