P.G. Library Still Needs Funds. Let’s Blow $40,000 On A Web Site

And sustainable kook Deborah “Bankrupt” Lindsay calls volunteer websites “schlock”. Some sites might be schlock, but only a schmo would buy a website to mislead tourists to visit our drek ghost town.

Library Book Drop

Pacific Grove will spend nearly $40,000 on a new website the city says will draw more tourists downtown and bolster business.

Though the Pacific Grove City Council went back and forth on the issue at the Jan.20 meeting, council members ultimately approved a resolution authorizing the city to spend $39,950 on a new website.

P.G. Library Still Needs Funds. Let’s Blow $40,000 On A Web Site

5 thoughts on “P.G. Library Still Needs Funds. Let’s Blow $40,000 On A Web Site

  1. But my sites are schlock. Back when the feast-of-lanterns.org looked like a myspace page I offered the better url and cleaner pages but was turned down.

    I’m from the wrong side of Sinex and don’t count for much.

  2. too late, they picked a firm in LA! The RFP went out back when Charlene Wiseman was in charge, but they never could pick someone. Lindsay had the gall to imply her site is not schlock — have you READ her site? It’s full of inane abstract new-age green drivel. I’d rather see a site that has some real content, not a eco-babble come-on promoting the vacuous Ms. Lindsay. She’s worse than schlock; she’s ignorant of anything outside of her green bubble!

    The thing that really irks me about this new site is that they couldn’t keep the old one because the city staff are so unskilled at simple web knowledge that they can’t make simple updates to the site. How do they get their jobs? In this day and age, how does someone get or keep a job, especially in municipal administration (like the deputy city clerk) without those skills? We all know it’s not rocket science, oh, but we’re schlockers.

  3. BobbyJoe, the background music is awesome for a schlocky site!

    I would partner with BobbyJoe and offer free billboard page hosting on lighthouseavenue.com for any P.G. brick-n-mortar in need of a single Internet info page.

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