Web Tool To Bring More Art Galleries To P.G.

4 years after the search for less schlock we now have this one.

Open Counter

Kurt Overmeyer, city economic development manager, said the tool helps people scope out business opportunities and has a wealth of information about policies and programs.

OpenCounter brings “easy online experience — and cost advantages — to City Hall,” a city press release said.

Other Anti-Schlock Cyber-P.G. sites:

Mr Overmeyers’s own pacificgrove.fixdowntown.org – some kind of business community workshop schlock with documents to download that will choke a DSL connection.

The Pacific Grove Mobile app, featuring a tool to snitch on people feeding sea gulls.

Moe’s Chamber Of Commerce where every failed enterprise was once “the best thing to happen to P.G.”

Pacific Grove Business Improvement District a site that appears to be perpetually under construction.

The Wine Walk With Art (url now dead, available at Go Daddy!) where wining gallery owners discussed the business with little knowledge that it was view able by the public.

Web Tool To Bring More Art Galleries To P.G.