Schlock Report: P.G. Business Improvement District Website

Creation Date of September 9, 2011 by a local it seems.

Took this screen grab on January 14, 2014 after seeing the link somewhere. Above the fold is OK. Postcard view of the beach at dusk. Not necessary downtown or teaming with business but one of the top draws to P.G.

Below the fold – better than average schlock when the proofreader has the night off:
PG BID Loremipsum

Event Calendar. Not much happening this month.
PG BID Events

Well, what about next month? When is Feast Of Lanterns?

Move on, nothing to see there. Not much either on the business listings page. Though I think that is does provide a summary of the downtown businesses in 12 lines.

Perhaps that dead link to Member Log In prevents anyone from putting content on that listings page

Activities and Things To Do. Six activities and seven things to do there. 2 of the things to do are actually in P.G.

That link to Photos next to the tiny Monarch goes nowhere.

The over-produced and failure at content kind of mirrors the whole effort of promoting Pacific Grove as a worthy destination full of fun and excitement. A big 8 out of 10 on the schlock meter.

Schlock Report: P.G. Business Improvement District Website