Minnesota Developer Wants To Build Hotel At 176 Central

Has a nice view of the VW Repair shop. 176 Central Front 176 Central window 176 Central blight

In an Aug. 25 civil complaint, Blue Wave Enterprises
and Jon Kramer contend that when they tried to submit
an application for the three-unit hotel at 176 Central Ave.,
city hall refused “to accept and process” the document.
The lawsuit argues the hotel should be allowed per Pacific
Grove’s local coastal plan.

Kramer first proposed a mixed-use development, in
cluding two residential units and a retail space. City staff
told him that he could not pursue the project because of
zoning issues. Kramer issued revised plans without the
residential units and replaced them with hotel rooms. The
city turned that request down, too, also citing zoning.
“City staff instead suggested that petitioners pursue
a subsequent ballot initiative to allow a hotel use on the
property, or to bring forward a new project consistent”

Minnesota Developer Wants To Build Hotel At 176 Central

Failed Project Bella, Lawsuit Goes Federal

Place ought to be used for senior housing.

Project Bella Overhead View

The former U.S. Army general facing a lawsuit by an investor over a failed luxury hotel in the American Tin
Cannery has successfully had the case moved from Monterey County Superior Court to federal court.

Investor Todd Timboe in October 2020 sued four-star Gen. Wesley Clark and four other  businessmen who were behind the failed Project Bella, a high end hotel proposed for  the American Tin Cannery. Proponents promised the hotel would bring scores of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue for Pacific Grove, but the proposal crumbled long before a shovel ever had a chance to hit ground.

A new project to build a hotel on the site proposed by Comstock Development has better financial backing and is moving through the process, though some residents are still opposed to the idea of a hotel on the site. Timboe filed the lawsuit in civil court in Monterey, alleging the hotel backers had fraudulently induced him to invest $500,000 in the project — even as the companies behind the development didn’t have the financial wherewithal to build the hotel.

Failed Project Bella, Lawsuit Goes Federal

To Be Substainable Collect More Tax

The “S” word again.

The city’s proposed general fund budget shows a growing deficit of $2.4 million for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, $3.5 million for 2021-2022 and $5 million for 2022-2023.

“This is not sustainable and we need to get to a structurally balanced budget, where our income or revenues can adequately pay for our spending or expenditures,” Uslar wrote to the council.

Hotel tax is important because it provides 28% of the city’s total revenue, more than property tax and sales tax combined.

To Be Substainable Collect More Tax

Project Bella Part 2?

Just don’t lose any more money like the last time.


While the developer has not officially submitted project plans to the city yet, it is taking steps forward with a hotel project in mind, according to Pacific Grove City Manager Ben Harvey.

“The city has been meeting with a potential applicant for the site,” said Harvey, noting the applicant’s name was Comstock Development and that any deal was very preliminary at this point. “They have been doing their due diligence to make sure that this is worth pursuing.”

Harvey continued, “At this point we don’t have an application for a project yet.”

Project Bella Part 2?

Nader’s Next Hotel Plan Debated


Durell Hotel

“The design has a contextual problem – context meaning the design within the realm you’re placing the building,” said Mark Brodeur, director of community and economic development, noting that the nearby Holman Building, museum and library each have a certain design. “They believe the Victorian architectural of the proposal didn’t fit within its context.”

Nader’s Next Hotel Plan Debated

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

Better idea: bypass all the complicated water credit issues and send that toilet water straight to the new hotels.

Toilet to Tap

So it must have been a shock to P.G. City Manager Ben Harvey to receive a letter from the state water board on May 16, stating that the board was holding back on the payment because the city’s plan might be a breach of contract.

The issue appears to be a discrepancy of interpretations stemming from the water board’s 2009 order to the Monterey Peninsula to stop using water from the Carmel River. One interpretation is that due to the order, P.G. cannot keep any new water credits for itself – they all have to go back to the river.

Toilet To The Tap Water Credits Not Usable For New Hotels?

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Tax the tourists. Oh, and 41 percent come up negative on short term cyber rentals.

The survey also showed that 41 percent of the 375 likely voters surveyed on the phone and online believe that the city has done a “poor” job of managing the city’s vacation rentals, while 28 percent gave the same grade for the way the city manages its pension obligations. Similarly, 22 percent said P.G. is doing poorly managing its finances.

P.G. Pays $25,000 To Oakland Survey Company Only To Find The Obvious

Something Stinks At ATC

And it’s not kelp baking in the sun at low tide or squid drying on the shore like it was years ago.


It looks like there were lessons learned after the failure to turn Holman’s into some kind of “World Class” transient stay place.

A group dubbed the Committee Against Measure X sponsored by Unite Here, Local 483, sent out fliers over the weekend to Pacific Grove voters declaring “Measure X is wrong” and asking voters to reconsider the measure because it allows a developer to avoid the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Woah, when the group that stands to gain power and money by making promises to a few hundred low wage hotel workers it against it there must be something under the covers going on.

The voters’ guide was mailed out, I like the bait this project is trying to use to hook y’all:

Recognition of Pacific Grove as a world-class destination and an innovative leader in conservation and sustainability

More like “How did this cute little town allow this to built?

Banquet, meeting, and reception rooms that will enable Pacific Grove to host large and small events, keeping that business in Pacific Grove

Look at the next line and tell me, who from P.G would use this place?

New luxury travelers who will patronize Pacific Grove restaurants, shops, and other businesses

The type of people that stay there will make the choice of Cannery Row or Carmel, not P.G.

State-of-the-art design, construction, and operational programs and technologies, as one of the world’s most sustainable hotels, that will save and recycle significant amounts of water and energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases

Ha! I knew someone would throw in the Substainable word once, but TWICE?

An ideal location at the edge of town that will help mitigate traffic impacts and provide additional needed parking for the City, resulting in reduced downtown congestion

Never mind that slow and getting slower traffic jam on Lighthouse Avenue to the tunnel.

A visitor and interpretive center and museum that will celebrate Pacific Grove’s extraordinary culture, its heritage and historic character, and its unequalled scenic beauty

A tribute to the scenery that will never come back

New revenues from transient occupancy taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes to support our library, police, fire department, parks, and other City services and operations

New opportunities for thieves.

Three hundred permanent high quality hotel jobs for workers of all skill and education levels, many of whom will be residents of Pacific Grove, plus hundreds of high quality construction phase jobs, many of which will benefit Pacific Grove businesses and residents

Most of the workers at hotels in PG cannot afford to live there. See the part about the traffic to and from PG.

At first it kind of appealed to me, keep the touristas at the border of town, pray that they stay on the ‘row and don’t bother me. But the thing is now sounding like the city whoring itself out to get a few bucks. Vote NO on Measure X.

Something Stinks At ATC

Developers Want To Transform ATC To A Luxury Hotel

Parking Meters Ocean View

To this
Project Bella Overhead View

Built in 1927 for use in the sardine heyday, the Tin Cannery has been home to outlet shopping since 1988 and never seemed to take off, despite the thousands of visitors exiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium across the street.

When the outlet mall had stores it was pretty good. One could get a variety of things without having to deal with the traffic. Ardan’s, Rebock, Corning and more.

If this deal fizzels, remember these names people.

“Project Bella aims to be the leading luxury hotel in the United States,” said a news release.

The project is a partnership between Domaine Hospitality Partners and the Cannery Row Co., which owns the cannery building.

Wednesday’s press conference will include Julie Packard, executive director of the aquarium, developer Ted Balestreri, Pacific Grove mayor Bill Kampe and Domaine CEO Ronald Meer.

Developers Want To Transform ATC To A Luxury Hotel

Defrauding (by) An Innkeeper

Claimed to be historic, intimate, charming, blah blah blah. Was a big old house that was cut up into cheap apartments at one time.

Pacific Grove Inn on Pine Avenue shut down two weeks ago and customers who were supposed to stay there say the hotel took their money and still hasn’t reimbursed them.

On Tuesday, a sign was posted on the front door of the inn telling customers to write their name, number and email on the yellow pad on the front porch.

The 16-room hotel was operated by Malibu businessman Gary Peterson, who filed for bankruptcy July 15 in Santa Barbara.

Defrauding (by) An Innkeeper