9 thoughts on “Businesses Taking Up Parking Spaces In 2 Hour Slots

  1. It’s dam good. I have take out once a week from this place. I love the Lighthouse salmon in Teriyaki. Pad Thai is super. The Bali salad with chicken satay is to die for.The ribs are a good appetizer. The owner is a nice guy. Service is efficient and courteous and the prices are right.

    Weekday lunch specials are $7.50

  2. Pacific TC charges extra to have plain ol’ rice with your curry order. WTF!!! In a desire to patronize a relatively new local restaurant, we spent almost 2 1/2 hours there for lunch… mainly waiting for “service” such as someone to actually greet us or to take our order. As we were leaving, we were surprised when the owner actually wished us well, but we hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him during our long visit. Also, we were sadly disappointed by their attempts at mixed ethnic dishes – come on, Korean BBQ salad served with what resembled French dressing out of a bottle!?! At least they don’t use frozen veggies like that Thaiwaiian Bistro on Forrest (if they’re still in business).

    Thai Bistro on Central has much better quality food for less money and with much friendlier service.

  3. I have to take issue too with charging for 1/2 a cup of plain white rice, that I do agree is wrong. I can’t recall if they do that at Thai Bistro or not.

    However, like I said I have never had a bad meal there (at Pacific Thai) and I eat take out from there at least once a week

  4. I have take out there too, $7.50. But I seem to get varied amounts of change each time. I usually give a ten spot. Sometimes I get around 70 cents back, sometimes, $1.70, are they charging more to take out?

  5. Thai Bistro only charges extra if you get the special sticky rice or ask for more rice with your “doggie bag.” Otherwise, they are happy to supply copious amounts of rice during your visit. True Asians after my own heart!

  6. OK, Sniveler
    It’s a free country (last time I checked)
    Americans, store proprietors (even ice cream Nazis) have the right to park wherever the *uck they want to in our bustling metropolis of PG downtown.

    It’s not like we are in the height of summer (tourist season) we’re not, it’s January and tourism is it at an all time low. There is ample parking in this area.

    And for your information I got a parking ticket, (6 months ago) outside the American Tin Cannery. I got plastered at the Pelican Tavern, left my truck that night. Took a cab home and was slapped with a parking violation first thing that next morning. Thank you Marino, you are the model of efficiency.

    Sniveler – Please find something more worthy to snivel and gripe about.

  7. Sorry Stretch it seems they aren’t checking the parking times anymore around PG except for at Tin Cannery. They don’t even do it at Lover’s Point parking lot. Why not call PGPD & find out what’s going on with their parking enforcement officer (Who is not a cop BTW)?

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