But Weed Smokers Are Peaceful, Right?

Going where the money and paraphernalia is

On January 31, 2021 at approximately 7:52 p.m., Monterey Police Officers were dispatched to 484 Lighthouse (Smoke Shop) regarding an armed robbery.

On investigation, MPD officers learned that the suspects posed as potential customers when they entered the business. Suspect #1 pointed a black semi automatic handgun at the clerk and demanded money. The suspects stole cash and merchandise

But Weed Smokers Are Peaceful, Right?

On Schedule. Central Avenue Pharmacy Gets Robbed Again

They need to beef up the security for the sake of the workers there.

Central Drugs

Men wearing masks and hoods stormed Central Avenue Pharmacy in Pacific Grove at 5  p.m. last Tuesday, making off with a small amount of cash but no drugs, PGPD spokesman Rory Lakind said this week, and police are asking the public for help catching them. Investigators hope anyone who might have seen or heard anything will contact them. They are also hoping nearby homes and businesses might have captured images of the robbers with security cameras.

On Schedule. Central Avenue Pharmacy Gets Robbed Again

Grove Market Robbers Arrested

Grove Market Banner

Don’t tell  me the robbers ran up the street to the police station? One of the suspects was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation

Riley Elvin, 24, and Jorge Cisneros, 22, were housed in
Monterey County Jail on felony charges of robbery, drug
possession, probation violation and other crimes.

A couple of guys went into the store acting suspiciously and attempted to steal some alcohol and products from the store,” Lakind said. “They were confronted by an employee, and they took off running and were arrested a few blocks away.”

What would have been shoplifting became a robbery charge when the men tangled with the employee who tried stop them.

Grove Market Robbers Arrested

Couple Robbed While Parked In P.G.

Getting beaten and robbed late at night in P.G. and not cooperating with Police? Why that?

Anyway, the recreation trails and shoreline turnouts are dangerous places at night.

Four mwn — one armed with a handgun — robbed a man and a woman in a parked car on Ocean View Boulevard around 11 p.m.

The victims, who were not named, are Monterey Peninsula residents, but are not from P.G., Lakind said. The man was treated by an ambulance crew and released.

Lakind is hoping for some useful leads, but the victims “are not super cooperative,” he said. “That makes it more difficult, obviously.” He’s unsure whether the robbery was random, or if the victims and suspects are somehow

Couple Robbed While Parked In P.G.

Walking The Streets Of New Monterey Are Unsafe At Night

Guns and knives. Eeek.

About 10:30 p.m., the suspects approached a man and a woman walking on Spencer Street, between Irving and Prescott avenues, and demanded money.

One of the victims was robbed of his wallet, police say. Neither one of the victims was injured.

After being robbed, the victims said they last saw the suspects run toward David Avenue.

Both assailants were described as being in their early 20s, wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. The suspect armed with the revolver had his face covered with a bandana.

Streets Of New Monterey Unsafe At Night

P.G. Man Robs Nob Hill

Internet searching indicates a Ryan Curry is a Pacific Grove painting contractor.

Ryan Curry, 34, was taken into custody about 9 p.m. outside Nob Hill Foods, 900 Lighthouse Ave., said police Sgt. Aaron Delgado.

Police responded to a report of a man with a gun, but the suspect didn’t have a weapon, Delgado said. While in the store, the man evidently said he had a weapon or indicated he had one under his clothing, Delgado said.

People scurried from the store during the incident, Delgado said.

All police found on the man was a bottle of alcohol and food, he said. Curry was arrested on a shoplifting charge

P.G. Man Robs Nob Hill

Credit Union Stick Up In P.G.

Tell me it’s not the former mayor..

Cristine Padilla BW
Mayor Garcia With Robbers Hat

The Monterey Credit Union on Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove was robbed by a woman with a handgun on New Year’s Eve. Pacific Grove Police say it happened shortly before 5:30 Monday evening, involving a hispanic woman in her 40’s to 50’s in age.

The suspect, who was captured on surveillance cameras, gave the teller a note demanding money and proceeding to pull out a black handgun. The woman told the bank teller there were two men outside the bank with shotguns if they did not comply with handing over the cash.

Credit Union Stick Up In P.G.

Peter B’s Patio Scene Of Robbery

Police said the two were approached shortly before 6 p.m. as they sat in the patio of Peter B’s restaurant, 1 Portola Plaza, by a man who threatened them with a knife and demanded their wallets, then ran.

The robber was described as a black man, aged 30-40, 5feet, 10 inches to 6 feet, about 200 pounds, with stubble on his face and wearing a black beanie hat, black jacket and dark trousers.

Peter B’s Patio Scene Of Robbery

70 Mile Police Chase From David Avenue 7-11

Cue the story about gangs visiting in P.G. “to find a place to get away from the hood”.

Hear-Old says spike strips were used, the Californian says they just ran out of gas.

Monterey police said that shortly after midnight, two suspects went into the 7-Eleven at 381 David Ave. and stole several 18-packs of beer.

When the clerk confronted the thieves outside the store, a third robber shot the clerk several times with a BB gun, police said. She suffered superficial wounds and declined medical treatment, said Monterey Deputy Police Chief Phil Penko.

Salinas residents Christopher Dean, 19, Ivan Haro, 18, and Apolo Abraham, 18, and Bryan Chavez, 18, of Marina, were arrested and booked at Monterey City Jail on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, conspiracy, felony evasion and gang enhancements.

70 Mile Police Chase From David Avenue 7-11