G I G O At Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Question is do they really compost the scraps or do the wash them and sell them at the next market? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Also attractive to sea gulls.

In September, the city and Monterey Regional Waste Management District started accepting food scraps at the Pacific Grove Farmer’s Market. MRWMD is handing out pails at the market for people to collect their organic waste and bring it to the market for disposal.

MRWMD than takes the food scraps and turns them into energy and compost.

“We take all types of food scraps … that is what you are cooking with in the kitchen, as well as when you finish your meal and scrape your plate,” said Angela Gobel with MRWMD.

G I G O At Farmers Market

Farmers Markets In L.A. Full Of Homegrown Lies

“Farmers” selling produce bought from the same wholesale companies the supermarkets use, then rubbing dirt on them.

NBCLA bought one container of strawberries, from five different vendors, at five farmers markets, including a vendor called “The Berry Best,” at the Torrance farmers market.

NBCLA’s undercover shopper questioned the Berry Best’s owner about the strawberries:

“These are pesticide-free?”

Owner Mary Ellen Martinez responded, “Yes, they are.”

To see if that’s true, we took our five samples to a state-certified lab, and had them tested for pesticides.

Results showed three out of five samples we tested sold berries that did contain pesticides, including the sample from the Berry Best.

NBCLA went back to Martinez.

“We found four different pesticides in your berries. You don’t how that happened?” we asked.

Responded Martinez, “Nope.”

She later said pesticides might have drifted into her field from neighboring farms. But according to our lab, that’s unlikely because the pesticide level on her berries appears too high to have drifted from another farm.

Martinez ended the interview with NBCLA, telling us to leave her stand, “You’re getting on my nerves right about now.”

Farmers Markets In L.A. Full Of Homegrown Lies

NBC Los Angeles

Farmers Market Moved North

It seemed as cold as the north pole on the first day on Central Avenue. Now the liquor store where the rapes occurred can have their reserved parking spaces back.

Liquor only parking

As part of the deal to move its location, the city will allow vendors who don’t live in Pacific Grove to sell arts and crafts and other non-produce items. Peppard, who said Everyone’s Harvest spent thousands of dollars on advertising for the move, said that will open the possibility more vendors will set up shop at the farmers’ market.

What, No Orgasms In Farmers Market Move This Time?

farmers market

Anyone for a hot dog stand in front of the Mvsevm?

Next the poor sellers of “Stuff No One Wants But Would Buy To Give To Someone Else” will complain that the market is taking away their customers or not leaving any spaces on Lighthouse Avenue to park their carpet cleaner vans.

Pacific Grove’s farmers market will move a block downhill from its downtown location on Lighthouse Avenue, pending approval by the city Planning Commission.

The move was undertaken to satisfy complaints by merchants on Lighthouse that the market was taking away business each Monday.

“The complainers,” Bennett said, “have won.”

What, No Orgasms In Farmers Market Move This Time

Settled – Downtown Stores Want Farmers Market Gone

Wasn’t the purpose to keep P.G. alive? Or do they just want their on street parking places back?

pg market fog

Last week, the council considered moving the weekly market to Central and Fountain avenues from its current location on Lighthouse Avenue downtown.

Downtown merchants have claimed that the market causes them a slump in business each Monday, and the market only brought in approximately $600 in sales tax revenues to the city last year.

Settled – Downtown Stores Want Farmers Market Gone

Farmers Market Move In Hands Of City Council

We may see who’s is most influenced by business owners – will they make the market move to Central ave or the parking lot by Fandango?

The board of Everyone’s Harvest voted Sunday to move the Pacific Grove market off Lighthouse Avenue if the Pacific Grove City Council requests it.

Everyone’s Harvest executive director Iris Peppard said the board agreed to either keep the market at its current location on Lighthouse or move it to Central and Grand avenues near the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Public Library and Chamber of Commerce office.

Farmers Market Move In Hands Of Council

He Said WHAT? Mo Ammar Has Orgasms

Orgasms when he screws the Farmers Market out of it’s downtown Monday location.

Moe don't buy American

“We all had orgasms! It was heavenly,” P.G. Chamber of Commerce Moe Ammar jokes. “Like, ‘I can’t believe that this problem is solved.’”

Everyone’s Harvest director Iris Peppard initiated the March 2 get-together with hopes of heading off controversy at the March 3 City Council meeting. Peppard and an Everyone’s Harvest board member squared off with Ammar and two members of the Downtown Business Improvement District, who’d been complaining the market hurt their Monday night sales. They all agreed on moving the market to a city-owned parking lot south of Lighthouse Avenue on Saturday mornings.

He Said WHAT? Mo Ammar Has Orgasms

Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don't Buy $22 Noodles

Shocked! Just Shocked!!
Also continues to slam the Farmers Market. Can’t let a day go by without dissing something that benefits the residents.

Ammar said the restaurants in Pacific Grove that are doing the best right now are moderately priced, family places such Holly’s Lighthouse Cafe or Vivolo’s Chowder House, for example.

“I actually heard some tourists talking one day and they said: ‘Instead of going to (higher-end) Fandango, let’s grab some sandwiches at the farmers market,'” he said. “I’ve seen tourists open their trunks to eat out of their coolers.”

Moammar Shocked That Tourists Don’t Buy $22 Noodles

Farmers Market Is Ruining Downtown, So Say The Store Owners

Farmers Market

Normally very vocal and visible, Ron’s Liquor owner David Pollacci, a chairman on the Pacific Grove Chamber Of Commerce is oddly silent in this round of Farmers Market debates.

Known as America’s Last Hometown, Pacific Grove was one of the only towns on the Central Coast without a farmers market until nine months ago. It took the city a lengthy year and a half to open the market because of upset business owners wanting the city to consider another location and some didn’t want the market at all in fear that it would drive customers away. Some local businesses are closing their doors for good saying that the 55 days a year that the street is closed is causing them to lose a significant amount of business and they can no longer afford to keep their doors open.

Farmers Market Is Ruining Downtown, So Say The Store Owners

Farmers' Market to Moooooove?

Farm Cowfree coloring pages

The farmers market on Lighthouse Avenue really has not grown since it’s beginning. There’s only so much demand for tomatoes or the sparse offerings of P.G. residents. Maybe if we had more chickens in town there would be an egg booth. Solid Fact: There are not many farmers in P.G. It’s a town of vacant vacation homes and people too busy to walk to town every week in search of carrots.

Change the location & change the format and it might take off. Then the cranky downtown store owners would complain that the market is taking away all the shoppers from downtown.

“Pacific Grove on a Monday afternoon before the Farmers Market was empty: parking everywhere, no people on the street, totally dead,” she says. “With the Farmers Market, there are definitely more cars around.”

The subcommittee will meet over the next few months to explore alternative market locations, including the parking lot behind the Holman building (on Lighthouse and Grand Avenue) and the lot below Pepper’s (on Forest Avenue at Lighthouse), Valuch says.

Meanwhile, in an effort to draw more traffic in the typically sluggish chilly season, Peppard wants to invite vendors from all of Monterey County to participate in the “non-certified” (prepared foods and crafts) section of the market.

Farmers’ Market – Moooooove?