P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Casey Lucius For Congress

Moves to P.G. signs on to be city council, wins thinking that everyone loves her, gets the illusion that she can go further, runs for congress and gets trounced, quits and leaves town. Goes back east where she came from to run some odd company.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat P.G. These newcomers keep getting elected but do nothing for the town or its longtime residents.

Can you figure out just what her new job really does?

Her company works with groups, including municipal staffs, state agencies, military personnel, and civil servants, and provides training to empower staffs, develop new leaders, encourage management to think differently about ongoing challenges, in interesting and entertaining ways

P.G. Councilwoman Really Was Not In It For The Residents

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Good luck, you will need it running against Sam the sham, even when you support same sex marriage and abortions.


In a YouTube clip announcing her run, Lucius said voters who are concerned about jobs, water, the environment and national security should support her so “we can create a new beginning.”

In the “Issues” section of her website, CaseyLucius.com, she said she supports gay marriage, is concerned about climate change but wants to limit global spending, supports the Second Amendment and abortion rights in the first six months of a pregnancy.

“On the Central Coast, we have a gang problem, not a gun problem,” her website states.

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Just When You Think . .

. . that the Hear-Old can’t get enough Letters From The Editor making P.G. look like a majority of Sustainable Vegetarian Eco-freaks . . .


Vegetarians Eat Free

In his quest to clamp down on fossil fuel companies and the auto giants, Gore shamelessly avoids talking about something we all could and should do something about as individuals: Eat less or no meat.

Bob Lucius
Pacific Grove

A more sensible citizen replies with a letter

Hmmmm? Remaining unconvinced by this vast generalization I commenced to grilling up a second tasty burger, still quite guilt-free, and was amusingly reminded of a bumper sticker I’d recently seen in Taos, N.M. : “Eating red meat isn’t bad for you. Eating fuzzy, green meat is.”

How true! Bon appetit.

Robb Thomas Karman
Pacific Grove

Thanks, Robb!

Just When You Think . .