Thefts In P.G. Rising As Gangs Go To ‘Work’

Are we really getting the best for our money paid to the P.G.P.D?

Remember that police commander John Nyunt dismissing fears of gangs living in P.G. saying they just wanted to get away from places like Salinas and Watsonville to have a safer place to live & work? Didn’t mention that ‘work’ to them means stealing people’s stuff.

Cmdr. John Nyunt said there have been 123 thefts and break-ins reported so far this year — about 30 since June.

Last year, from January to August, there were 76 reported thefts and burglaries, he said. Nyunt said officers are doing all they can to keep up, but the department’s staffing level is down.

But they have enough staff to ticket people for having a wind chime .

Thefts In P.G. Rising As Gangs Go To ‘Work’