Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel . . .

By-The-Sea says “Take ’em down”. Especially if they are seasonal home use grade – not meant for outdoor exposure for long periods.
Holmans Ice Lights

City code allows the lights to be on display from the third Wednesday of November until the second Wednesday of January. The law applies to trees, public rights-of-way and private properties in commercial zones, and commercial operations in residential districts.

Nearly all merchants have complied, but there are some who should remove the remaining lights, said planning chief Rob Mullane.

Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel

Holiday Shopping Bust In P.G.

There have been a lot of people looking not necessarily shopping, there have been some days that’s very quite and I’m assuming that they are at the malls.

Bigger stores, bigger sales, and bigger holes in downtown Pacific Grove shops and for Dianne Lovejoy who owns two consignment shops, she’s had to do more to bring people in.

“It has made it necessary to have big sales even though this is a resale store and you are starting out at a quarter or a third less of original retail was were still having to have 50% off sales to get the people in the door,” said Lovejoy.

Who wants used clothes for Xmas? Ick.

Holiday Shopping Bust In P.G.

Deck The Halls With Advertising, What’s The Use Of Compromising

Title lifted from Stan Freberg

All are invited to ring in the holiday-shopping season during Friday Night Lights. Families of all ages are encouraged to bring their little ones to visit Santa Claus and enjoy music and dancing from local entertainers, artists and school groups.

Holiday Shopping Season? Is someone missing the point? Maybe gift-giving season would be more thoughtful, but this piece of non-news must have been written by clueless Moe.

Deck the halls with advertising, What’s the use of compromising,

We’ll Have A “Green” Christmas

New LED wreaths. Nice change from the boring white ones.

“Well the holiday season in Pacific Grove is very important, especially to the down town merchants, and so the decoration lightning that we do down there is a key integral part of the whole celebratory aspect here, and one of the things we’ve been looking at is energy efficiency, says Pacific Grove public works superintendent Celia Martinez.

Pacific Grove has done just that, with 90 wreaths lining the light poles on Lighthouse and over 6,000 holiday light bulbs shining for 9 hours per night through the holiday season, an electricity bill of over $2,200 from last year, will be cut drastically.

Speaking of boring white lights, the “little Las Vegas” display on the old Grove Theater building is out this year. Merry X-mas!
No lights

We’ll Have A Green Christmas

People Come From Far And Wide To See The World’s Ugliest Xmas Tree

Cannot disappoint the tourists from Fresno, light it up.
Ugly Tree 2006

The Pacific Grove Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony will be Monday, Dec. 1, at 5 p.m. at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, at Forest and Central avenues.

Following the tree lighting, which the chamber says regularly draws people from as far away as Fresno, there will be a reception at Chautauqua Hall

UPDATE – wanted to show the tree in the day time. Do people from Fresno really think this is nice enough to travel to see?
Ugly Tree Daylight

People Come From Far And Wide To See The World’s Ugliest Xmas Tree