7 thoughts on “Xmas Decor To Encourage Consumption – Pt 2

  1. I wouldn’t call my favorite PG shop “A Niche in Tyme” boring and useless. It’s the one in the picture that’s lit up on the right hand side.

  2. OK, its a jewelry store. It sells . . . jewelry. There’s something that we really need to visit at least once a week. Not.

  3. “There’s something that we really need to visit at least once a week. Not.”
    Cut the store some slack. The shop sells more than jewelry. Old coins, prehistoric fossils, quartz geodes etc. The owner constantly acquires new items so you’re not seeing the same stuff every time you go in. Also who are you to say how often “we”really need to visit the shop. Next time speak for yourself and don’t include “we”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’ve never even been in the shop otherwise you would know that they sell more than jewelry.

  4. Old Stick – Right on!!!

    The Editor needs “setting straight” some times. I agree, he
    (Ed-itor) has more than likely never stepped into that

    I love Niche in Tyme – it has a huge inventory and fair
    prices and the owner is good people.

    I hope it lasts

  5. I been shopping with that jewelry store guy for 25 years, used to be on Cannery Row. His prices are like 1/4th of local jewelry stores. He told someone, ‘I don’t know what I was thinking opening a jewelry store in PG.’

    If you look carefully, the previous light strings from 2008 are still on the trees. However, the power circuit on that street can’t handle the power draw from a lot of lights otherwise other lights, like street lights, post office lights, etc. turn off.

  6. They brought back those Las Vegas style lights, look pretty nice now as the trees are bigger. No picture of them yet, but just imagine thousands of lights on each tree.

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