We’ll Have A “Green” Christmas

New LED wreaths. Nice change from the boring white ones.

“Well the holiday season in Pacific Grove is very important, especially to the down town merchants, and so the decoration lightning that we do down there is a key integral part of the whole celebratory aspect here, and one of the things we’ve been looking at is energy efficiency, says Pacific Grove public works superintendent Celia Martinez.

Pacific Grove has done just that, with 90 wreaths lining the light poles on Lighthouse and over 6,000 holiday light bulbs shining for 9 hours per night through the holiday season, an electricity bill of over $2,200 from last year, will be cut drastically.

Speaking of boring white lights, the “little Las Vegas” display on the old Grove Theater building is out this year. Merry X-mas!
No lights

We’ll Have A Green Christmas