Holiday Shopping Bust In P.G.

There have been a lot of people looking not necessarily shopping, there have been some days that’s very quite and I’m assuming that they are at the malls.

Bigger stores, bigger sales, and bigger holes in downtown Pacific Grove shops and for Dianne Lovejoy who owns two consignment shops, she’s had to do more to bring people in.

“It has made it necessary to have big sales even though this is a resale store and you are starting out at a quarter or a third less of original retail was were still having to have 50% off sales to get the people in the door,” said Lovejoy.

Who wants used clothes for Xmas? Ick.

Holiday Shopping Bust In P.G.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping Bust In P.G.

  1. So do like other retailers. Mark everything up by 50%, then have a “50% Off” sale. People by and large are idiots, they see SALE and that’s all they need to know.


    I see that it is closing this Feb. Why am I not surprised.

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