City Street Projects 2013-14

One of the options is replacing the original lamp posts in Candy Cane Lane with solar. LOL. When the NOAA put up solar lights all hell broke loose.

Noaa Lights Of Pain

Among the projects are an illuminated crosswalk on Forest Avenue at Pacific Grove Middle School, sidewalk repairs on “safe routes to school” and planning for 60 new street lights in the Candy Cane Lane neighborhood.

City Street Projects 2013-14

Come See Candy Cane Lane

Ccl Soldier

It’s a holiday tradition that has drawn crowds of people to Forest Avenue and Morse Drive in Pacific Grove since the 1940s.

It’s one of the most elaborate holiday displays on the central coast and on Saturday night the lights were turned on.

Hundreds of visitors will flock to Candy Cane Lane, this month to help them get into the holiday spirit.

And it has nothing to do with drawing shoppers to PG. Enjoy, it’s free to visit and no one is trying to sell you anything.

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Come See Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane – Tradition Of Over 50 Years

Toy Soldier? Always thought he was the Nutcracker. His jaw opens and closes when his arms move

Ccl Soldier

“The whole idea is to do it for the kids,” Jones said, “and see their faces light up.

“There’s nowhere else in the city to go and see something like this.”

A fixture in the neighborhood has been a giant robot constructed by retired Pacific Grove Fire Capt. Howard Cowen that used to grace the city fire station’s front lawn. The robot wore a firefighter’s hat and turnout gear when it was displayed at the fire station. Now it greets visitors on Cowen’s front lawn at Beaumont and McFarland avenues, reincarnated as a giant toy soldier.

Candy Cane Lane – Tradition Of Over 50 Years.

Pacific Grove Holiday Guide

Tonight what is maybe the ugliest public holiday Christmas tree is lit. Jewell park.
Ugly Tree Daylight

Stillwell’s Snow In The Park at Caledonia Park – December 1st. Good fun, Santa hitches a ride on a fire truck.
Caledonia Snow

Christmas At The Inns promises some fare for the cheese & wine mooches. December 4 & 5.

More alcohol in a wine tasting held at the Chamber of Commerce. Lose your senses an buy something you wouldn’t if you were sober.

Holiday Parade of Lights, December 6.
Hpol Caddy

Candy Cane Lane – It’s the most fun holiday sight in P.G, and it’s so real it does not have ANYTHING to do with luring shoppers to town.
Ccl 2001

Ccl Soldier Close Up

Pacific Grove Holiday Guide

Dilworth Says NO To Christmas Lights

See failed council member candidate David Dilworth at the podium on the meeting of December 6?

Dilworth Warning

Spouting propaganda about “light pollution” in large cities masking out the twinkling stars at night. Makes about as much sense in foggy P.G. as solar heat. You’d think he’d bring this up in the fall or spring when the skies are not fogged in or filled with storm clouds. But no, he tries to make you feel guilty for having Christmas lights up. Guilty for admiring Candy Cane Lane, as if it was killing of otters or causing monarchs to go sterile.

I used to think Dil was just another kook. Now I think he is just another America hater. I’m going to Walmart and buying a few hundred C7s on strings for the yard, eaves, trees and whatever else needs to be Christmasy.

Dilworth Says NO To Christmas Lights